Sunday, August 09, 2009

Late to the party

I usually pride myself in being on time for everything I do. I had it drummed into me as a kid that it's inconsiderate to be late and it makes others miffed when you aren't there as expected. Barring city traffic, summertime tourist and dogs that have bladder the size of walnuts, I do my very best to get there on time. This next project is the one exception.

I remember hearing about my current pattern way back when I was taking sock classes at one of our LYS about five years ago. When trying to decide what pattern to knit the month of August I was looking through my sock group pictures of finished sock patterns. Boy! There sure are a lot of socks out there. I stumbled on to one and Eureka! I found my August pattern.

Someone knit a pair of these in the exact same yarn that I already have. What are the odds? So I ran upstairs to the sock yarn stash and found two skeins of this yarn. I wound one of the balls into two smaller balls and got started. I was so excited. I would know what my socks were supposed to look like in the color they were going to be knit in! When does that ever happen? Like never.

These socks are knit with Opal Prisim. I knit them on 2.50 mm dpns. I loved this part of the pattern; different sizes and their stitch count. Awesome. I haven't tried them on but I did read the part in the pattern where it says the socks aren't really as flexible so I went up in the stitch count. Measuring my feet for the Charlene Schurch book was brilliant and now I much better judging a pattern and possibly how it will or will not fit so I can change my cast on amount.

I loved these socks because it reminds me of the ripple afghans I used to do when I crocheted a lot years and years ago. I am amazed that knitting has so many patterns and possibilities. Too wonderful!

I have not finished one sock yet otherwise I would drag out my half leg and have it model my sock. I have spent way too much time chatting with my Christmas swap group when I should be knitting. The flower beds in the front of the yard need weeding and all I can bring myself to do is knit, knit, knit. Okay, chat, chat and chat.