Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unexplained Absence (If you are on a diet or a Diabetic, you might want to avert your eyes and try to find another blog to read. This will throw you into a Diabetic coma...please save yourself!) I noticed the other day that it's been nearly a month since I have posted. I really don't have a good explanation. I started a sock and was going to post about it as my March sock for my two Ravelry groups, but for some reason I could not get motivated to make much progress on it. The weather has warmed where I live and I think I hear dirt calling me. I am dying to get out into the backyard and work on our garden. I keep waiting for the soil to warm up. While I have been waiting I found another pass time. It was not without side affects. I have gained a few pounds testing my newest obsession. I know I am years behind the rest of the pack, but the upside is that there is a ton of information out there for me to play with. I have been playing with baking cupcakes. I know I not supposed to be eating things with sugar in them so I force them on my weekly knitting buddies. They haven't said stop so every week I look for some new baking trouble to get into. I truly can not explain what is going on. I guess because I have not knit for a month, I need another tactile outlet to satisfy my need to create. These are some of the first ones I got started with. Then one day I went to my local Target to buy a jar to store laundry soap and found a six pack for $2.50 of different kinds of sprinkles to add to cupcakes for Easter. I bought two different packs and the sprinkling began... Then I moved on to different sprinkles and to another color and piping tip. Fat and plain wasn't good enough... So now it's on to a large star tip and yet more sprinkly things as well as a different color. So as you can see, one color wasn't enough. I took two colors and double loaded the pastry bag with the same large star tip and make a giant swirl. You can see all the different way the double color loaded bag comes out. No two cupcakes turned out the same. The only downside to this is...your tongue turns blue when you eat these. With Easter coming, I dashed out to the grocery store where I bought five different candies that were Easter related and went nuts! Then I totally lost my mind....I will post more about that on another day. I think I need to get back to knitting. It doesn't make me gain weight!