Wednesday, May 04, 2011

'Tis The Season

I talk about how much I love fall and winter and now for some reason my new favorite season is spring. I think I might have had cabin fever during these past winter months. While I enjoyed doing winter activities, hearty foods and football; I have been dying for spring. I have been bitten by the gardening bug BAD. The first day the weather looked anything like spring weather, I was outside thinking about what would be planted where in our garden. I don't have any garden pictures yet because there are still some bare spots but there are still colorful things blooming all over and I just had to share them. I went nuts on a nice day taking pictures. This is not about knitting in any way, shape or form. This about color and the happiness that spring and digging in the dirt brings me. I have never grown this kind of a flower before; Foxglove. I hear this a very popular flower for an English garden. I just bought it to attract hummingbirds. I only bought one plant to see how it goes.
I did research on the Internet about the kinds of flowers that hummingbirds love and this one is on the list; Hibiscus. I have never had Hibiscus before so there is a learning curve on this one. The blooms are so beautiful.
My face is not the only happy face in the garden lovin' spring. This Johnny Jump Up wintered over in a hanging box. Most of the ones that I planted made it. The Petunias didn't. They don't seem to be as hardy as the Petunia, Violas and Johnny Jump Ups.

I love all the color! I admire strength of enduring our 18" snow fall this past winter.
My parsley has wintered over for five years now. I want to put it into the ground but I am nervous it will not do as well. So for now it is waiting for the first caterpillar to come and consume it. I love that I am helping local butterflies. I just wish they stayed around longer so I can see them...
My French Thyme is blooming and soon will be nice and green. I plucked some off today, cut off the blooms and threw it in my chicken stock pot. I love having herbs in the garden both in the ground and in pots.
I think these two basil plants get the most use of the herbs. I love making pesto and I use it all summer and freeze what I can for the winter months. Just love this stuff!
So as you can see I am excited about spring and the garden. It's too bad that I am not that excited about knitting...I am knitting but it just doesn't excite me for now.