Monday, October 10, 2011

What's Old is New Again!

What's Old is New Again!

I have been waiting for my youngest son to leave home for the third time. He left the first time to move out on his own. Then he was called to active duty and go to Iraq for a year. Now he has a job and have moved out again. While I have mixed emotions about him finally leaving home, I am excited about turning his room into some new...again.

I had thought years ago when son #2 moved out I would make a guest room. I have hung on to that for such a long time. Then it occurred to me that I could make an office/fiber studio in there and use the smaller second bedroom as a guest room. So it is taking place now. It's horrifying to me to post this first picture but I wanted you to see the before and in working progress pictures.
This is my son's room right before he moved out. And now it looks like this...
My husband ripped out the carpet and the padding. Then (because it drives him crazy) he screwed down the under flooring that squeaked. Here is the primer, paint for the ceiling and paint for the wall.

Here is one corner primed near the closet. Please ignore the time stamp. It's way wrong because I took these pictures today.

This is a shot of the only window in the room. The black area to the right of the window is the access to the pipes for the water in the bathroom that butts up to the bedroom. There is framed square of wood that covers that up with molding. I will have to paint the molding so that stuff has been moved. I have to rough it up a bit and then paint it the new trim color.

The really cool tool that is the tallest in this picture, is ceiling popcorn scraper. It worked like a charm and all that mess is gone, gone, gone. So now the ceiling has to be primed to cover up the little marks from scraping the popcorn off. It looks so much better.

Here is another corner of the room that has the water pipe access for the other bathroom. I thought that this room should be the fiber studio because every time someone runs water in either bathroom, the poor person who sleeps in this room has to hear every drop. Not great for sleeping so I have been told about a million times by my son. I painted five different colors on the walls to see what I liked. I wanted to do a more tan color for the wall and a beige color for the ceiling. Since there is going to be so much color from all the yarn stash, I figured neutral colors would be the best.

The ceiling got one coat of primer so far. We bought flooring for this bedroom and the smaller one since it was on sale. When we get all the stuff out of one room the other one will be cleared to start the whole process all over again. A metal shelving rack has been purchased from Lowe's and I think I will go and get another one that is a wee bit smaller to put in front of the window. I want to put some plants in there and fix up a spot for the cat for when he out runs the dogs. So that is where we are in the fiber studio so far. I will make updates as soon as we get something done.