Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Sock Time!

It's Sock Time

I joined a group on Ravelry that is knitting socks all year round. I started off with the best of intentions but fizzled out when I lost my knitting mojo. When I finally found it, I knit all of those Waffleknit Dish/Wash cloths (40). It was mindless knitting that I could take anywhere and thankfully,they sparked my desire to knit again. Since then I have knit one pair of socks and have another pair on the needles. I helped someone put a border on a handspun knit gift for a wedding and a misc. scarf for a coffee shop owner where we gather twice a month to knit. I was just trying to burn up yarn and Angela said she liked it and it's found a new home. I know I have not made as much of a dent in my stash as I wanted but I have been trying.

I just finished these socks a few weeks ago but my blogging has been hit or miss lately. So here is the newest green socks with a pattern that I have used before. I truly love this pattern. I tried another yarn with this cabled pattern but it just didn't let the cables shine through so I frogged them and changed yarn.
As much stuff as I order from KnitPicks over the years, you would think that I would have actually ordered some yarn from them, but I have not. Well, at least not this year. Right before I knew I would not be ordering yarn, I went in with a mass order with some friends. So I ordered some yarn and this is one of the yarns I ordered. I think it's Stroll but I can't find the ball band. Here is the sideview of the sock. I didn't line up the cables very well for the photo op but they are there. There are two in the fron and two in the back up to here I put in the after thought heel. I love that heel! It's a bit annoying to pick up the stitches later, but the look is so worth it. I did not use reinforcement on the heel or the toe. I forgot. I like the extra strength but opps!
I know there is a huge ladder right down the front of the sock. I had a run-away stitch that I dropped and had to pick it up. When I did it made the ladder. I am hoping when the socks are washed and dried that will go away. These are some of the easiest socks I have ever knit. I would recommend this pattern to an advanced beginner who want to try cables.
Here is a more close up view. Can you tell I really love these socks. This is pair number three I have done with this patter and I think there will be more down the pike. Happy Knitting!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Quickie Craft Idea

A Quickie Craft Idea

I have been cruising craft blogs for months now looking for inspiration and I found it. This seems to be a new trend and I for one, love it! It's such a simple idea that I can't believe I have not done this sooner. This is the simplest idea ever! Not much money either. So it's a hit with me!
How cool is this? In my search for great organization ideas I found this one on the net. First you find a glass jar or vase. Of course you have to purchase a spray can of chalk board paint and some masking tape of some kind. You mask off an area around where you want the spray to go. There might be over spray but that's quickly fixed by using a dry SOS pad and the little tiny droplets come off quickly. Then you spray the chalkboard paint on the open spot in small strokes. I let the paint dry for about two hours and then put on another coat. I think I may have done either three or four coats. Then I pulled all the tape off. I cleaned off the over spray areas. I think I read somewhere on the net that it's best to take your chalk and completely cover the painted area then wipe it off with a soft cloth of some sort. After that anything you write on the area should look great. I was tickled pink with the results. The above photo is of all three of my one gallon zip lock bags of 5 gm. sock skeins for my sock blanket. Now everything is in one place and I can see all the yarns I want to use!
I really dislike laundry detergent boxes. They are awkward and usually pretty ugly. So I bought a jar at Tuesday Morning and decided it was going to be my first project. It worked really well so then it was the sock jar above.

In my zeal to organize even more I found a vase that was collecting dust in one of my kitchen cabinets and I gave it the chalk board treatment. Mind you, this is still the same can I started with. So now I have all my straights in one place and that emptied out an container that I donated to another knitter. I can see all my needles which in the long run will save me money. I won't be going to out and buying more needles because now I can clearly see what I have.

I have clearly been smitten with this idea. I am going to use the chalk board paint on some other items so stay tuned. My youngest son has gotten his own apartment and I am hoping to make his old room my craft haven. So there will be more organizing coming down the pike. Check out this site and you will be blown away with new and fabulous ideas!