Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wallis Knits
I have been trying to finish two projects at once and get the rest of the spinning done for the guild meeting. When I get bored with one or lose my patience, I switch to something else. I can see how a person could have five or six different projects going at once. I have still have to finish my Mock Cable Sweater. I still need to re-work the arm, the collar and re-sew the buttons on the Green Lacey Jacket and the baby sweater that I started for my nephew. Geez, I have nothing to do with my spare time!

This is the latest project that I have been working on. It's a design by a local woman named Linda Johnson. She is currently the President of the local Knitting Guild here where I live. I think she works part-time at Ewe Knits and then designs.

I have talked in past posts about the Lacey Green Jacket, but it was done with baby yarn. It did have a lace pattern to it but wasn't "true" lace. When I went into Ewe Knits, I saw true lace and couldn't resist. I had to have the scarf by Wallis Knits. So I bought the yarn and the pattern and work on it about an hour a day. Since this picture was taken I have tripled it in size. There are errors, but I am excited that I am working on my very first lace piece. I will finish it and give it as a gift to a friend for Christmas then pick another color and make another one, hopefully without any errors.

I haven't worked on the sweater for my nephew as of late but I will soon. I will have a busy three weeks starting tomorrow when my son and his wife come here to visit for three weeks. I still have to work and then of course they will want to eat and I have to knit and spin! I will try and post while they are here but please excuse if they are a bit spaced apart.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Since I belong to a Spinning Guild I have been taking some chances. I threw caution to the wind and went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Show this past May. Now I have my sights set on the Fall Fiber Festival in early October. Being with other wool lusting women has been bad for my credit card but great for my feelings of accomplishment.

The Spinner's Guild that I belong to is having a fun challenge right now that will last until the Jan. '07 meeting. In June we brought 8 ounces of roving in a brown paper bag and set it in the middle of the floor. Each of us drew a number that corresponded with a number on a bag and took the bag home to spin. We have until the Sept. meeting to take the roving and bring back yarn. Then we will do the whole process all over again and come back in Jan. with either a hat, scarf or gloves. Here is the roving that I have been spinning over the last three days. I am almost finished. I still have to ply what I have already spun and have just a tad more to spin and then of course ply off. I love all the colors but they are staining my fingers.
I wanted to make the colors match up when plying but I haven't learned how to do that yet. Here is the first bobbin. I finished the second one earlier this afternoon while watching Judging Amy. I should have been vacuuming the living room, but who cares? I love how dark these colors are. They are so my colors. Do you think I can talk this person into letting me have her yarn instead of mine?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...
Well, it's my favorite time of the year; a work related vacation. I will be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for St. Louis. I go once a year to a chef's conference where I will be teaching a class of 50 students ServSafe. It's a class for chefs teaching them how not to make their clients and the general public sick by bad food handling practices. After I teach that class all day on Friday, I will be taking some classes myself. I always enjoy going because we eat at new places and this year, hopefully, I will buying some St. Louis yarn. I am hoping to break away from the rest of the group and bring home a few things from a local shop. If not, that's okay because I am going to make some really good progress on my newest project; a sweater for my new nephew.

I saw this yarn in The Knitting Corner and decided this looked more boyish than girly so I could make my new nephew a nice little sweater for a Christmas present. This will be my second baby sweater. I am taking it with me on the plane so I can have some quiet knitting; that is if I don't fall asleep...

Here is the pattern. I am making the cardigan and then the little hat too.
Here is where I am right now with the sweater. I am working on the back. It says to make it 13" so I am here...
Well, this is it for me until I get back. Hopefully I will have made some progress!