Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Same Song Different Verse

I already posted this pattern in my last post about Lavender Love. I said that I was doing the same pattern again. So here it is.
This time I can tell you the name of the yarn. I got smarter from hanging out with other knitters who told me to NEVER lose the ball bands. It finally sunk in!
This is sock yarn that I bought at Maryland Sheep & Wool. I think it was either last year or the year before. The yarn is from Tess' Designer Yarns. The business is based out of Portland Maine. It has a basic generic name. It's called Super Socks & Baby. The yarn is 80% wool and 20% nylon. The band says it's got approx. 450 yards. Since it says it can be machine washed and dried, I bought it. I seldom buy yarns where I have to hand wash. I am not really consistent with hand washing my socks.They always get washed in the washing machine, however I do use the octopus dryer I purchased from Ikea several years ago.
Here is my favorite foot model. She never complains and never frets about her pay.
I did the standard heel flap because the Lavender Love socks had the after thought heel. I hadn't done a standard heel flap in a while so thought I shouldn't forget how to to it. I like the way it looks and they are nice snug fit. I started out using 2.75 mm needles and then did the heel flap and on down 2.50 mm needles. I need to extra room towards the top but my foot narrows down around my ankles and I wanted a more fitted sock. Got it. Love, love, love the pattern. It's a walk in the park!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Irish Ale Socks

I asked for opinions about which sock yarn to use in honor of St. Patrick's Day and almost everyone has said the Yarn Tattoo Celtic Green was the best choice of my green yarns. So today I cast on with the Celtic Green yarn. I did however have to change my pattern choice. A friend gifted me a pattern she thought would be a good fit for the yarn I have. It's called Irish Ale Socks. I wanted to use a different pattern, but when I sat down and read the pattern I realized that I don't have the correct yarn for the socks. Since I am on a yarn diet this year, I can not purchase the size I want. So instead of fiddling with gauge, I decided the Irish Ale Socks would be a perfect substitute.
This is the picture that shows the Irish Ale Socks. The top cuff is done in white and that is for the foam on the head of the beer. Since Ale is pretty dark the body of the sock was done in black. I don't really want to do the white foam or the black but will do the whole sock in the Celtic Green.
Here is a larger view of the bumpiness of the pattern. Below is a reddish version of the same socks. I think the Celtic Green will do just fine.
So the project has begun. Thanks to everyone who posted a comment. I was hoping some of the lurkers would come out but maybe another time.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

In Honor of

St. Patrick's Day, it was suggested that I knit a pair of Irish inspired socks. What a great idea! The only problem is I can't decide which green yarn I want to use. I have four choices for all my followers to check out and decide. Your opinions matter. I have chosen the design from Ravelry. They are called St. Brigid's Carnamoyle Stockings by Lahome Nally-Kaye. I love the cables and all the details. So below you will see all the green yarns that are more or less solid green. Some have subtle shading and others are solid. So let me know what you guys like. I love green so no matter what it will be a win/win situation for me!

Here is the group shot of all four greens. This is a teal sort of green and is by Tess' Designer Yarns

This yarn is by Yarn Tattoo. My friend Peg has a dye lab and she made this green called Celtic Green. It has different shades of green in it.

And the last one is from Schaefer Yarn Abigail. It's a more lime green color which is called Laura Hobson

Lastly this is Bright by Spirit Trail Fiberworks. This green is a more earthy green. So what do you all think? Those of you are not members of Ravelry will not be able to link but you can still weigh in with your pick of green for my March socks. Thanks in advance for everyone's help!