Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last week I caught some nasty bug from one of my co-workers whose gift has been giving for a week now. Thursday I started feeling a little under the weather and Friday it was a full blown disease with a high fever, an elephant taking up residence on my chest, a faucet in each of my nostrils (running on opposite blowing schedules) and a cough that could have sent a lung into orbit. Cripes what a feeling! I haven't been this sick in years and I have say, I didn't miss a thing about it.

While trying to fend off death by coughing, I hit a knitting slump. I had no desire to work on my socks or much of anything else. They sat idle for a few days and the guilt set in. I have been tyring to knit everyday since learning a few years ago, but when I got sick the desire just wasn't there. When my fever finally broke on Sunday, I picked up my socks and have them done to the toes. I just need to sew those up and they are done. Finishing a sock to me, is like finishing a good book. I don't want to because it's a let down. What's next?

First I have to feel inspired. I looked through some books, pamphlets, and flyers, but nothing. Why? I need some inspiration from some place. Maybe it's the fact that I am still sick and not up to full speed? My nose and cough are still in overdrive and I am tired. Being sick, takes a lot of energy. I will be glad when I can rest and knit.

So stay tuned there will be knitting soon again I hope.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The weather here at the beach has been up and down and up and down and down and up. My skin, nose and feet have been through the gammit. I knit socks to keep my feet from being cold because a slipper is too heavy for me. I have made about 8 pair of socks. I love them. The only ones that I am not as thrilled about are the cotton ones, but I am sure I will come around. So you understand that I walk around the house in my lovely handmade socks.

Three days ago I was sitting in my usual chair along with three dogs knitting on yet another pair of socks just minding my own business. Little did I know how much I would need this new pair of socks. I had to get up and answer the phone. When I returned to the chair I took off my socks. When I lift up my left foot to pull off the sock, screaming and nashing of teeth began. Horrors of horrors, a FREAKING HOLE.
This most favorite and first pair of socks are only a year old. How on earth could they have already gotten a hole???? I don't wear them on anything except Pergo flooring and carpet. Why, why, I ask you? It's just a sock tragedy. I thought these things are supposed to last a long time.

Here is a visual clue as to how large the hole is. This is my post earring. Thankfully, it was caught early.

So now my favorite pair of socks is in the sock hospital waiting for a doctor visit. Who that doctor will be is still in question. The sock HMO says that they need a referral to someone on my approved list. I am hoping the surgery will be swift and painless for everyone involved. The second sock will be posting to report how the surgery goes and if it will leave a scar. The other sock couples have gathered to offer their best advise and it has been suggested that we only use the cosmetic surgeons at this hospital. A doctor visit will happen shortly and updates will be given as soon as I get an appointment. Stay tuned....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Football Sunday
I am a football fan, but only for my own team. I grew up watching football in Texas. It's in my DNA, but since my team wasn't playing in the big game on this past Sunday, I was not foaming at the mouth to watch. So I did the next best thing that any fiber consumer would have done...I went shopping. I see heads nodding out there in blogland because I have a feeling that we were kindred spirits in the hours leading up to the big game.

My favorite LYS had a sale. Of course you know I had to help support the local fiber community. What faithful fiber follower wouldn't want to help keep their local shop in business? I swear, I did my part. I purchased some of Lorna's had dyed sock yarn to make a pair of Christmas socks. They might be for me or someone else. Who knows! But at 30% off, I couldn't pass on them. I have never knit with Lorna's sock yarn before so this should be fun.

I have a sock concept in mind so I purchased these to make it happen...

I have accumulated tiny balls of yarn from past finished socks. I have an idea of what I want to do with them that I will post about later, but these will be part of the foundation. Not only have I been out buying fiber, but I have been using it. This pair of socks is made from the second skein of yarn called Jawoll that I bought while in Texas at Christmas. I am working on the gusset now and hopefully, not too much longer they will be done. Speaking of done...drum roll please...another finished project!!
English Garden Shawl. Yes, you do see some ends that need to be woven in, but the last skein of yarn came last week from Haus of Yarn in Nashville, TN. I bought four and as it turned out, I needed five. So a paniced phone call later, I got the yarn from the orginial bag the other four were ripped open for. What luck! I highly recomment this pattern for a very quick and extremely simple project. I would however not choose anything with Mohair (Trendsetter-Dune) next time. I don't like ripping it out. I wouldn't wear this on my bare skin and it sheds. No black outfit will be adored with this shawl. The last thing that I will need is a shawl pin of some sort. I have no idea where to start, so if any of you have an ideas (I don't do silver things-it irratates my skin), please leave me a comment and a link to someplace where I can take a look at what's out there.