Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Been Busy!

I realized today that I haven't blogged in nearly four weeks.  I have tried to at least get the Wordless Wednesday up but never seem to find the time to do an actual blog post.  The fall is super busy for me.  I have been ramping up the creating because fall is the time of the year for craft fairs.  People are starting to think about gift giving and I want some of my creations to be those gifts.  I have come up with some new things for the line up this year.  The trick is to come up with something new every year so that people want to come back to your shop or your booth.  We attend a craft fair over this past weekend and there were some really beautiful things but I did not purchase one thing.  The BIG craft show for me to attend, is the Neptune Festival Boardwalk Show.  We try to attend every year to see what the out-of-towners and out-of-staters are creating.  I think I purchase something every year. 

I have been busy so my desk is in work mode all day, every day.  I have not found my organization happy place lately.  After the craft season is over, I will look for better solutions for my beads, wires and pens.  It's just too crowded on the work table.  So here are the no so beauty shots of what I am talking about.  
This was taken this morning as you can see from the time date stamp.  I left everything where it lay last night when I went to bed.  Some days it just ends up that way.
I was not kidding when I said there is too much stuff on my work table.  I need to find an inexpensive solution to my storage and organization problems for my main supplies.
This is the other side of the table.  Just an unholy mess but it's not going to get any better from now until after gift giving season is over.  I have tried numerous times to keep thing organized without spending big bucks.  If I buy anything for storage for the business the state of Virginia makes my pay a property tax on it every single year I am in business.  So I am always looking at cardboard boxes, scarp wood, etc that I can make things out of to keep from paying them one more dime than I have to.  

So now you can see why I have not been blogging too much lately.  I just need to keep my nose to the grindstone and make some $$ this season.  If you have any storage ideas that I can make myself or purchase to save money and still stay neat, please leave me a comment!!

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday
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