Sunday, June 24, 2007

Monday Knitting Group

Every third Monday of the month, The Knitting Corner has a Knit-In from 5:30-7:30pm. It's a gathering of different kinds of women from A-Z with as many levels of knitting skills too. I really enjoy the different women who come and go with every month. We talk about what they knitted since the last time we got together and what they are currently working on. Here are some of the ladies who were there last Monday the 18th.

Here is the shop owner, Susan showing off her newest top. We called it a tank top but then decided it's a shell. Either way it's totally Susan. It's a nice bright green with orange novely yarn.

Here are two ladies whose names I know I will get wrong, but they are fun and one of them owns the nicest crochet hooks I have ever seen. I think they are Rosewood. The tops of the hooks look almost like chess pieces. Such a nice set. If I crocheted more, I might try and save my money to buy a nice set.
Here are two more ladies who came. The lady in the white top tried to teach me how to do socks on Magic Loop. I honestly didn't get it, and sadly was a class drop out. I missed one class and never could get back up to speed so I just attended class to torment the rest of the group. Barbara is a wonderfully patient teacher, so it was this student who wasn't up to snuff. I did learn how to do socks but on dpns. The other lady, made the neatest coat/sweater but I will talk more about that in the fall. I think I am going to try and make one.
Here are two more ladies who come regularly to the group, Pat and Marlene (I didn't ask how to spell Marlene's so it might be incorrect). Marlene and Pat are both retired. Lucky women; they get to knit more than I do.
This is called a Shapely Shawlet. Barbara (the Magic Loop teacher) taught this class a few weeks back. I wasn't able to take the class but if she teaches it in the fall, I will do my best to take the class. We asked her how many beads are on the shawl and she said about 2,000. Several of us tried it on and it was heavy in just the right way. It laid nicely on our shoulders when we tried it on.

So that's the scoop on the third Monday of the Month group. If you live in the Virginia Beach area, you should stop in and have a chat, and maybe knit some too.


kemtee said...

Would that I could join y'all. But you sure don't want me bringing my three year old along….

vlb5757 said...

kemtee-It would be great to have you come but I don't think they allow little ones there when we have our knit nights. Maybe one month you can get a sitter and come and meet all of us?

Wool Winder said...

Sounds fun.

MeBeth said...

I find two circs much easier than magic loop, and it makes transporting sock knitting in the purse so much less dangerous.

maureen said...

Patt is a hoot. Ask her about her trunk stash... the trunk of that little red hotrod of hers is filled with enough yarn to get her through any disaster. ;)

vlb5757 said...

mebeth-I have not mastered the two circs yet. My friend Susan just loves them and swears they are the end all be all. I may have to give it a shot just so I can say I tried. Dpns are pretty pointy! I have been stabbed a few times.

Maureen-Pat is a hoot. She cracks me. We go at each other every time I see her and it's always a draw. She has talked about her stash a few times. I am wowed.

maureen said...

Me again... Susan's shell looks far more shimmery in person than in photo. ;)

vlb5757 said...

I think it looks much better in person than in the photo. It's suits Susan!