Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Laundry Day
I bought the neatest contraption from Ikea over a year ago, but have never used it. I actually bought two; one for me and one for my mom who never dries her unmentionables in the dryer. I have yet to send one to her but I broke out mine for laundry day. I like the fact that some really smart person came up with Superwash Wool. I am not big on hand washing my knitted items. Frankly I am just too lazy. There it is on the table. So washing my hand made socks in the washing machine and drying them in the dryer is great for me. Having said that, I just love this new toy.
This is the cutest thing to dry your socks or knee highs on. I have used it for my wool socks to try it out. It worked great, but there is a problem. We are not allowed clothes lines in our subdivision so it's hard to find a place to hang my Octopus for drying. I don't think that hooked on the branch of a tree is a good idea with breeding pairs of robins and doves looking for nice soft things to line their nest with. I don't want to have a theft of my socks. Since we don't have a rod running down the middle of our shower, there really isn't anywhere to hang these to dry. The only problem I have found with this sock dryer, is the hook is a bit too small. So I will try some new places to hang my socks safely.
Here is the shot that shows all the socks I have made since learning how to make socks. I laid down on a wet bag of compost to get the "art" shot. It reminds me of Spanish moss hanging from the trees in the south.

Here is another lay on the wet bag of compost shot. Now they just look like tube worms.

Here is the last shot of the socks. Now I guess I can give my MIL the socks that I knit for her in Jan...maybe later.


Wool Winder said...

What a wonderful collection of hand knit socks! The dryer is really neat too.

vlb5757 said...

I am hoping that my collection will continue to grow and I will venture out from my very first comfort zone pattern. The lace socks is a stretch for me. I am not bothered by the pattern, only the ripping out when I don't do a YO. I love that little hanging Octopus. It's got eyes on it that I didn't capture in the shots. I hand my knee highs from there too.

Luni said...

I like your art shots. I think the 'wet bag of compost" pose was a winning idea. Also very funny.
I'm looking for a nice plain ribbed (or not) sock pattern for some of the Koigu KPPM I have. Do you know of any patterns like that with short row heels?

vlb5757 said...

My back was totally soaked after I finished taking the sock shots. I wanted something besides a sock laying on a chair or on the carpet. I thought hanging them would be a bit more interesting. See what silly things folks will do for their blogs!!

You can check my friends list and look for Sockdiva. This woman loves making socks. She probably could recommend something that I have not done or seen yet since I am basically a beginner. You could call my LYS and ask the owner for her basic design. She is the one I learned how to knit socks from. Her name is Sue.