Thursday, July 17, 2008

Simplicity is what it's all about.

I love doing lace and socks. I think I am much better at socks than lace but that doesn't stop me from doing it. There are times that I want to throw the projects away and never look back, but I set them aside and take a breather. I set down the Lily Chin shawl for a few months and now have picked it back up. I have ripped out countless rows but somehow it has not stopped my desire to finish it. I want to triumph against my frustration. I can understand how other knitters have numerous UFOs. You just get to a point that if you rip out one more row on that project you are going to just toss it in the trash and move on. I haven't gotten to that point lately but I could feel my frustration level rising and needed a quick time out.

I ordered a massive amount of books from
KnitPicks at 40% off recently and found a book that I think will be a lot of fun. I used to never understand the fascination with books until I became a chef. There is something about owing a book that is very empowering. If you saw my cookbook collection you would understand I have a grasp on that concept now. This concept has now moved to knitting books. I don't buy a lot of them at full price just because. So about once a year I order when KnitPicks has them on sale. I did my part this year for sure!

One of the books I ordered is this
one. I have knit with one of her silk yarns and I loved it. It's this project here. So I was curious about what her books would be like. I went to KnitPicks and checked out what was on the inside for projects. I thought it had potential. I ordered the book.

A few days ago I worked on a new project to distract me from the Lily Chin shawl. This was knitting therapy that was so fast and it worked. I made these in less than two days. Yes, I did one and actually had to catch some ZZZs and darn it; go to work. As soon as I got the next day, I started and finished the second one. I still have some left over yarn and now am looking for a project befitting the left overs. I have a project in mind but not the proper sized needles. So I will have to buy needles before starting the next project.

Here is what I made. It's so simple that it was nerve soothing.
I made the washcloths from the book on page 78. I was so happy with how they turned out that I have been looking in my stash for other cotton yarns
to make more. I told DH that if they worked out
the way I hoped they will, the "others" will be
leaving us shortly. Today I will use one of them
and report back. I am not usually a wash cloth
user but this requires some testing.

I used TY-DY 100% yarn. I have never used this yarn before and I am pleased with how easy it was to work with. I split it a few times but that speaks of my technique more than it does the yarn if you get my drift.

I bought three balls total and have plans for the other two balls. I am hoping the plans work out but again, I have to buy some more needles. If you have never made yourself a washcloth, give it a shot. It's great for a really, really new beginner knitter. It's all knitting all the time. What could be easier??

Postscript: I used the washcloth after working on this post. I have to say that I was very impressed. I loved it so much that I am in the process of making more. 'Nough said...


Luni said...

That is a cute, quick washcloth. I'm like you were, not a washcloth user. Now you've got me thinking about it....

Wool Winder said...

I need a few more hand-knit washcloths. The colors in the ones you made are very pretty.

Vickie said...

Luni-I am not a fast knitter but these just flew by. I got DH to use one yesterday and I think he liked it. So I think we have got some new washcloths. I will make some more when I have time. I am excited that I can get rid of some old regular one that I have had for years that need to be chucked. Wahoo!

WW-Thanks! I have never used that brand of cotton. As a matter of fact I have not done a lot of knitting with cotton period. It's been fun and I am going to do some more so that I can give them as gifts.