Sunday, August 24, 2008

Knitting in Circles
by Vickie

Lately I feel as though I have been knitting in circles. I realized once I started looking at my current UFOs that I have a lot of circular needles occupied. I have signed up for a sweater class and need to get these things done before then but frankly, I feel like I am running out of time.

Here is official documentation of my current UFOs. I guess if I see them and you see them, I can't lie about them.

I truly believed that I had a grip on not starting too many projects at one time but all of a sudden I feel time breathing down my neck. Some of the UFOs are going to be Christmas presents if I ever get them finished. So if I list them here maybe I can whack them out one at a time. Since Labor Day weekend is fast approaching I might have some more time to get them done. A four hour car ride to and from our destination will help providing I don't have to help drive.
This is my second Clapotis. I ran out of yarn and had to find more. I had someone mail me some but her yarn had metallic in it and mine didn't so the search was on again. I went back to the original place I bought the first two skeins and found a third one by accident. So now all I have to do is finish the last little bit of the decrease section on the end and I am done. I have plans for the first Clapotis as soon as I finish this one.
This is a Lily Chin shawl that I work on when I have to time to constantly pick out my mistakes. There are so many stitches on it now that I rarely touch it, but I want to get it done soon. I need the space!
This pair of socks started out as a group knit between a group of friends. Sadly the friendship have fallen by the way side and so has finishing this pair of socks. I have to do the gusset and after that it will go quickly, but like so many other things I hit a snag and set them aside. Usually when I go that, it means ripping out something that I don't have the patience to do at the moment. So to keep a cool head, the project gets set aside and then basically forgotten until I go digging for something else. Yesterday was a digging day evidently.

This might be a UFO at the rate I am going. This is another Mary scarf for my friends. Hopefully here will be four knit.
Okay, so I included one finished project. This is bag #3 for the Mary scarves. It is a small redemption for all the other UFOs listed here. I have one more UFO but it is a Christmas present. The person who will be receiving it reads this blog, so no photos and no mentions until later what it is.

So you can see why nothing completely finished has been posted lately. I really am just knitting in circles.


Luni said...

But they are relatively small circles, and you are halfway (or more) around them. :)
Maybe if you concentrate on one each week, you could get them all done in a few weeks.

vlb5757 said...

Luni, I sure hope so. I have so many needles tied up in these UFOs. I really need to get them done. Maybe the car ride to a Labor Day vacation should be dedicated to finishing the Clapotis first. There isn't that much to finish. I bet I take them all with me and never touch one of them. One a week is a good start until my sweater class starts next month...hopefully that won't become a UFO!

Leigh said...

Gosh, you have so many lovely projects going on. It puts my one lonely sweater project to shame!

Use the HTML/JavaScript Gadget. Then all you have to do is copy the code from the FreeCopyRight website and paste it into the gadget.

vlb5757 said...

Leigh, thanks for featuring that problem about stealing our posts. I did get it to work. We will see what happens.

3bagsfull said...

Well, since you are brave enough to list your's here with photos, I am off to be held accountable as well. I picked up the pot belly pig to finish her off yesterday and am almost there. Though, I do confess, I started two pairs of socks on Tuesday. I will try and post ALL my UFO's today.

Have fun this weekend and I want to hear about EVERY yarn store you hit.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a lovely trip this weekend, and have lots of time to work on your projects. : )

vlb5757 said...

Well, 3bags full-I sure wasn't expecting anyone to confess their UFOs but maybe it help someone realize they need to finish some projects. I love you picked up the pig to get it done. I only made it to one shop and will blog about that here shortly. We had a really good quiet vacation and I can't wait to go back and do it all over again.

AmandaCathleen-I was surprised at how much knitting I did get done in the hotel at night. If I had taken some of the novelty yarn that I needed, I might have finished one project that's a Christmas present. We had a great time!

Tina T-P said...

My Christmas UFO's still have to have the yarn spun - how 'bout that for bad...I'm spinning madly then I'll spend a couple months crocheting I suppose. Hope my hats are better received than the scarf I croched for my sister - she proclaimed it "too scratchy" and sent it back! Oh, Well.

BTW, I got one of the Ghana Baskets at Black Sheep this year - I love it - just looking at them is pleasing, don't you think? Cheers, T.