Monday, September 29, 2008

Time Out
by Vickie
I swear I have been meaning to post but my lap top has been playing games with me lately so I finally caved and bought a desk top. What is the most frustrating part is that not everything will transfer from XP to Vista. So some things will be on one and the rest on the other. I have not posted because my photos of what I have been doing are on an external hard drive until the desk top arrives. I can't download anything but I sure have been busy taking pictures of what I have been working on. The upside to not hanging out on the computer is that I am getting more knitting done and I am pleased about that for sure. Just as soon as I can get the new computer set up, I will be back on to blog. So for now I will just keep knitting and taking pictures of everything! I think I got an email from Dell that things are moving right along so hopefully it won't be too much longer! Thanks to those who stop by and keeping trying. I will have something up here soon, I hope!!


Wool Winder said...

Too bad about your laptop, but getting a new computer is pretty exciting. See you later when you get all straightened out. Happy knitting!

vlb5757 said...

I still haven't upacked the computer yet. I have it but have vowed that everything must be off the laptop and on to the external hard drive and then the desk cleaned off before setting up the desktop. Just juggling for a bit until I can get things uncluttered!

Anonymous said...

hope all is going well! I'm sure your knitting up a storm : )