Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's all about the gifts!

Sometimes, it really is all about the gifts. Who doesn't like getting a present of some kind for their birthday? When you go to a baby shower, what is emphasized; the gift for the baby but of course! Some gifts are sent, some are received, some are hand made, some are store bought and some you just have to buy for yourself. That's what this post is all about...the gifts!

The first gift came to me via something I volunteered to do because I was interested in what the person was doing. I met this person Q, at a Yarn for Breakfast group that I belong to. In a casual conversation one Saturday Q mentioned that she makes soap. I have a collection of interesting soaps in my bathroom. They are just in a little basket and sometimes I have to dust them off. I bought some olive oil soap from France back in 2001 and haven't been able to force myself to use it. They are huge blocks. So ever since then I have been adding to that basket.

I was lucky enough one fall to be gifted a very nice sized box of scrap lavender from my favorite lavender farm here and I have been giving it away from time to time. I have made sachets for my three knitting groups. I have two envelopes waiting to be mail with a zip baggie in each of them going to two new Ravelry friends and I gave some to Q. So Q was nice enough to give it back to me in this form.
I doubt seriously I will use this soap up because it's so pretty, but I wanted Q to know that I do so appreciate it! So gift received.

Some gifts are given. I belong to a Christmas swap via Ravelry and the only thing that was notable that I sent my swap partner Nanna, was this.
I tried to use the computer screen blackness as a background for the stocking. It's knitted with left over sock yarn on size #3 dpns. I knit the first one on #1 dpns and was so discouraged that I almost gave up. The toe gave me fits. Since I needed a hand made gift for the July swap, I decided to use #3 and they worked out better. It's not exactly knitted like a regular sock but pretty close.
Here is a whiter background. It's very small and fiddly to make. I am not sure I am a small and fiddly knitter, but I gave it a try. It was fun doing the swap. I forgot to take a picture of all of the box's ingredients so I will just tell you what they were. I bought her a tea cup with a strainer that fits to that cup. The cup even had it's own warmer lid. Nanna mentioned she liked Earl Grey tea so I picked up a nice 2 oz bag of loose Earl Grey. I thought it was funny that I even stumbled on to a bag of tea candy sort of like this brand. The box was only supposed to be $5-10 excluding the postage. It's hard to find things to bulk up a box for that amount of $$.

So I got a really nice box from Nanna and that is a gift that was received. It came on a Saturday that I was home thankfully! I am never sure when someone leaves a package if it will be there when I get home or not! Here is what I got.

Here are almost all the ingredients from my box. I did eat three pieces of chocolate before taking this picture. They really were delicious! Two of them were chocolate covered cherries and the last one was a small piece of chocolate that I think had hazelnuts in it. Really good stuff. I do love chocolate! So wait until you see what's in the boxes.

This is the handmade ornament I got. Isn't that cute? I love handmade ornaments so this will be so pretty on my tree with all the others I have made and collected.

Also in every box was one of I got three! Jackpot. I will use these for something creative down the road. Then the next box... these are really small glass Christmas balls for a tiny tree or maybe earrings? They are just like the larger version. They might look good in a really small glass jar for a table scape. Just too cute.

And then the last box had this...
Isn't he just adorable? I collect old world looking Santas and this one will fit in nicely. Thanks Nanna for such a lovely box that I know a lot of thought went into! I look forward to October's box. I only hope that mine will measure up to yours!

Then there is the gift you give yourself. Another enabling friend from Ravelry and Yarn for Breakfast turned on to a site where I found the best deals. I have already ordered three skeins of yarn but this gift I gave to myself was a reward for my year's biggest clients this week. I am beat at the end of the week so I thought I would need a treat. So I gave myself these little treats at 30% off and free shipping.

These should help ease the pain I feel in my feet. I am so excited to keep adding to my Addi collection. You should check out this site! So remember it really is about the gift but the best gift you can give yourself is a good friend and time spent with them having a good time! Now go call someone and have a laugh or invite them to come and knit with you. Happy Knitting!


Cheryl in VA said...

Waaaaayyyy Coooool :)

Love all the bits, and especially the part about the best gift being, a good friend to share time with.

vlb5757 said...

Thanks! You know how I love my knittin' buddies. I am so happy that I started going to YfB and YfS groups. I have been so pleased with my swaps so far. Got great folks.

Sharon said...

I love those Christmas things. I enjoy the memories every one of my ornaments brings, but I couldn't do a swap. I tried. I guess I'm not a swap kinda gal - the pressure was horrible. I love to see people enjoy swaps - guess that I'll have to enjoy swaps vicariously.

vlb5757 said...

This one is my second one and I think it's going very well. I like the person I am knitting for and her gifts were great for me. So far it has been a pleasure.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow... that soap is gorgeous.. I can imagine how wonderful it must smell! I luvvv handmade soaps.
Your Christmas swap sounds so exciting! Opening up a box full of surprises is always so much fun... especially when there is chocolate involved! *LOL*