Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Frogs (Tadpoles)

I was struggling to find a sock pattern for the September socks. I did not start until after Sept. 15. I have been trying to make a dent in the shawl and just lost my goal of a pair of socks a month. Thankfully, a nice person make that decision for me. A woman knit the Tadpole socks and posted them for her Sept socks and I knew right then I had to knit these socks. They looked pretty easy so why not!

Finding yarn to do socks in is a challenge. Most of my sock stash came a wee bit before my obsession for knitting socks was in full bloom. So I bought willy nilly. I have lots of variegated socks but not all patterns look good with different colors going everywhere. Tadpoles are great for variegated and solids both; even socks that are known for pooling (tadpoles-pooling? lol!).

This is a side view of the first sock that is nearly finished. You can see the pooling that will be on the back of the sock. It's very evident. The pooling on the front of the sock isn't so obvious with the textured pattern. I thought this yarn was best to do the Tadpoles in because they have a nice mixture of blue and green. The blue represents the water the babies are growing up in. The green represents the land they will be heading for. Okay, so I had the yarn and just got lucky with the colors...lame but it works!
This is another side view. This is the heel and gusset. When the sock is finished I will put it on my usual leg and take another picture. I am almost done with them but not enough to show a finished sock. I just started the foot on one and the other sock still needs to have to toe decreases done and I will have a whole pair of socks.

I have been trying to do four projects at the same time so blogging as been very little. I promise I will try to do better.


Luni said...

Those are nice. I've been thinking about trying that pattern sometime. I wonder how it compares to Nutkin. It looks similar, without the biasing. Of course, if you haven't knit Nutkin, you wouldn't know.

rohanknitter said...

They look great - love the pattern and yarn combo!

vlb5757 said...

Luni-they are almost exactly the same except for near the toe. It looks like the Nutkin sock has a braided stitch around the beginning of the toe decrease. Tadpoles are simple and quick socks. Mine seem very stretchy. I need that give.

Rohanknitter-thanks! It's an easy pattern to knit. I might knit a second pair with a solid color and see what happens.

Sharon said...

I've found the same things as you about sock yarns. I've discovered that I don't like yarns with long color repeats that seem to collect in pools or bands of color on the socks.

erinkristi said...

Oh yummy, V, these look great! Are they almost done? Will you wear them to YFB this weekend? I'm behind on my blogging too, because I've been spindle-spinning like a crazy person. What I really want to do is try out a wheel...hint.

Wool Winder said...

Very pretty. The yarn and pattern go well together.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh, what gorgeous colors! And it looks so soft, too!! I love seeing all your projects but miss your blogging- hurry back soon!

vlb5757 said...

Sharon-I think I saw pooling on another pair of Tadpoles so decided that was perfect for a yarn I wasn't sure was going to do that. It worked out well, thankfully!

ErinKristi-sure miss seeing you! How great that you love the drop spindle. I was really bad at it and decided that I am totally a spinning wheel person. I will not be able to make YfB this time. Double booked! I would love for you to try my wheel. We will have to find a time to get together soon. How are those grandbabies?

Wool Winder-It's an easy on the fingers yarn. I wish I had more. I have been checking out your One Snap site. Great pictures!

FarmChick Paula-I know! After checking on you then I don't blog for a while. I try to only do one project at a time so blogging is a challenge when a projects takes longer than a week. I have three going right now against my better judgement! New socks are already on the needles.

Thanks all for stopping by and leaving a comment. You just never know if anyone out there is reading. Lurkers-take the hint! lol!

erinkristi said...

I miss you too!!!I didn't realize how much until I started typing. Yikes. Oh, the grandbabies...sigh...Things are not good in the land of triplets, let me tell ya. Health-wise, they are terrific. We've been denied visitation by the baby mama, and although she signed a visitation agreement with Nick, she's reneged on it multiple times. Nick just got an attorney, and has been strategizing with him. It's heartbreaking. If I think about it I burst into tears, so mostly I try to do other things...like spinning, fluting, looking for beach glass. I've gotten pretty good on my spindle but would be so excited to soak up your wheel wisdom. I'll email you so we can set up a time. I'm so glad you are willing to do this!