Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feeling Froggy

There are some days I don't feel like getting anything done. You know those days where you would rather stay in your jammies all day? Now that I have cut the amount of hours I work, I have time to get a long neglected list of things done both for the house and knitting. I have been working on the blankies (not really-they are UFOs in waiting right now), a baby gift, one pair of socks that have been on the needles for a year (that is disgraceful) and the newest project that I am lovin'.

The more urgent project was started and almost (99%) finished within a few days. I was supposed to attend a baby shower for a co-worker and waited until the last minute to get the gift done. I had a conversation in passing with her one day and I got inspiration from our conversation. Since she doesn't read my blog-forget even knowing about it, I will post my pictures for the project.

My co-worker wanted a hat and booties for the baby to come home from the hospital in. She is due in December. Okay, the search was on. I bookmarked at least 10-20 baby hats in my Ravelry favorites and then viola, it came to me one day. The co-worker's husband is an avid bicycle rider. He's a chef like his wife but he has a passion for riding bikes. There is a local bike shop here called Fat Frogs. I am not sure how he is connected to the shop; maybe just a customer but it gave me a great idea.

Frogs. The baby needed a frog themed gift. I searched Ravelry and guess what I found?? Yup, I got myself a pattern for a frog hat, no scratch mittens and some very simple booties. Not sure if any of them will fit but she can use them for as long as she wants and then give them away. I thought the gift would be good for some laughs from the daddy. So here are my efforts.

First the booties. These are the simplest booties and the are knit in one piece and have to be sew up. If I have time I might make some more complicated booties but for now these are it. I haven't done my finishing yet as you can see from the ends hanging down.

Next are the "No Scratch Mittens". These are every bit as easy as the booties but they are done in the round. So quick to make and they are cute. I made them in green too so they will match everything else.
Last but not least...the hat. This is the cutest part of the whole ensemble. Just too cute.
What is a frog without the eyes???
I have not sown on the eyes yet. I have to either find or purchase some fiber fill to put in the eyes so they sit up on the head when they are put on. I will sew too little slits for the nostrils.
And the finished still not done. Hopefully I will feel motivated here shortly. I will post it when it's done.


Ria said...

Oh that is too, too cute!

vlb5757 said...

I need to find the fiber fill and do those eyes. I have not heard from the person who was supposed to be organizing a baby shower. So either I wasn't invited or they didn't do it. It I don't hear from them it will be donated to a baby charity.