Wednesday, May 04, 2011

'Tis The Season

I talk about how much I love fall and winter and now for some reason my new favorite season is spring. I think I might have had cabin fever during these past winter months. While I enjoyed doing winter activities, hearty foods and football; I have been dying for spring. I have been bitten by the gardening bug BAD. The first day the weather looked anything like spring weather, I was outside thinking about what would be planted where in our garden. I don't have any garden pictures yet because there are still some bare spots but there are still colorful things blooming all over and I just had to share them. I went nuts on a nice day taking pictures. This is not about knitting in any way, shape or form. This about color and the happiness that spring and digging in the dirt brings me. I have never grown this kind of a flower before; Foxglove. I hear this a very popular flower for an English garden. I just bought it to attract hummingbirds. I only bought one plant to see how it goes.
I did research on the Internet about the kinds of flowers that hummingbirds love and this one is on the list; Hibiscus. I have never had Hibiscus before so there is a learning curve on this one. The blooms are so beautiful.
My face is not the only happy face in the garden lovin' spring. This Johnny Jump Up wintered over in a hanging box. Most of the ones that I planted made it. The Petunias didn't. They don't seem to be as hardy as the Petunia, Violas and Johnny Jump Ups.

I love all the color! I admire strength of enduring our 18" snow fall this past winter.
My parsley has wintered over for five years now. I want to put it into the ground but I am nervous it will not do as well. So for now it is waiting for the first caterpillar to come and consume it. I love that I am helping local butterflies. I just wish they stayed around longer so I can see them...
My French Thyme is blooming and soon will be nice and green. I plucked some off today, cut off the blooms and threw it in my chicken stock pot. I love having herbs in the garden both in the ground and in pots.
I think these two basil plants get the most use of the herbs. I love making pesto and I use it all summer and freeze what I can for the winter months. Just love this stuff!
So as you can see I am excited about spring and the garden. It's too bad that I am not that excited about knitting...I am knitting but it just doesn't excite me for now.


Ria said...

I'm starting to get into garden mode

Paula said...

Wow! Looks like you're getting your gardening mojo!
I love pansies, so much~ they remind me of my grandmother. She used to say they had little "faces"~ and the ones with dark centers had eyebrows and moustaches! *grin*

Tina T-P said...

Garden looks good! T.

Sharon said...

I love pansies. I wish the rabbits didn't love them as much as I do!

erinkristi said...

Your flowers are wonderful! Someday the gardening bug will bite me hard once again. In the meantime, I will garden in spirit through you.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Your flowers are lovely and you're doing a great job. About the foxglove, if memory serves correctly, it's digitalis it produces and can cause heart failure, so keep animals and children away from it.
BTW, I want to be your knitting pal; those cupcakes look AMAZING!

Peg Graham said...

GORGEOUS flowers V!!!!