Sunday, November 24, 2013

Craft Room Update

I have been meaning to post for a few days but I have been on a tear with paper (pun intended) lately so my attention has been focused on that to the point that my hands have just about had they can take.  

A few years ago I did a post about us changing my youngest son's room into my new craft studio.  We tore out the carpet, repainted and I moved in.  I have changed the arrangement at least three or four times and every time I think it's going to be "the" arrangement.  Not so much.  Okay, not at all.  I have once again come upon a new way of arranging things again and now I finally am going to post the pics.  I know sometimes Mr. Hunter/Gatherer is not amused but he is a good sport about most silly things I do.  We would not be able to stay married this long if he wasn't.
This scene has changed over and over but what still remains is, I still am not happy with it.  It still looks cluttered no matter how many containers I buy, repurpose or embellish.  It's slowly getting there but not quite yet.
In order to have some sort of order I needed to not put all my quilling paper away in an Iris cart.  I just got tired of looking through drawers and never knowing what I did and did not have.  So I already had two small curtain rods mounted on the wall for mobile storage and decided my quilling paper needed to be there instead.

Here is one of the rods done.  I left the paper in it's original packaging so I would know the name and the size of the paper.  I made a lot of wire S hooks so they would hand on the rods. 
This is how it looks now.  There is not really organization to the colors.  I did however group all the same colors together.  That's a ton of paper strips but it makes me happy everyday when I walk in here and see it. 

I bought this magnet board from The Container Store years and years ago and never really used it but now it has a use for all my little canisters that I bought at Michael's.  I put all my tiny magnets up there at the top and there are a few quilled magnets up there too.  There will be more and more as spring comes.

This shelf is from another room and I just stuck some stuff up there that I am not sure I want to see either in my Etsy shop or at craft shows.  I know I should sell them and eventually I will,but just not yet.

This rack was on another wall and got moved.  It holds my jars of buttons, glues, beads, spray fixatives and now had beads that I have made hanging from the bottom.  They will be either in my Etsy shop or at a craft show soon.

This is one of the craft twirly things.  The name escapes me but piling it up with different stuff does not.  The top section has large and small wooden clothes pins I use everyday.  I got tired of opening and closing drawers to look for them so out in the light they come.  I also have bling packets hanging on the top rack also.  The rotating part holds my paint brushes, magic markers of all kinds, rotary cutter, scissors, chasing hammer, and all kinds of other tools that I use on a regular basis.  
There are two bookcases and in here as well as a desk, a wing back chair, a fan, three rolling carts, and a huge wire rack with wheels that holds all the bins and display items for craft shows.  The room is full.  The walls are filling up fast too.  The closet is full and needs more organization but like everything else around here, it will happen when it happens.  
So that is how I spend some of the time I could be blogging.  I watch YouTube videos about how everyone else arranges their craft rooms and then I get ideas how to make mine more functional.  I think better with less clutter.  How about you?

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