Friday, February 24, 2006

I was in my favorite yarn shop there where I live, Knitting Corner and started a conversation with a woman who came in to pick up some special ordered yarn. I asked her what she was making and she said a shawl from Sheep to Shawl. I thumbed through the book with her and she pointed out some of the easier patterns. I really wanted to try one so I went home and mulled it over. I bought the book that day but couldn't decide which one to make. I was already working on the throw for the Knitting Olympics and didn't want to have too many projects started all at once. So I picked a pattern and bought the yarn. I wanted a dark green color since green is my favorite color. I don't usually wear shawls but when I sit and watch TV I thought this would be as good as a sweater. We'll see. Here is the beginning right before the Knitting Olympics and there is now.I also found the neatest thing to save myself all kinds of problems at the shop. While I was taking my beginner lessons, I spied the cutest way to keep from chasing my balls of yarn around the living room. I know the cats are disappointed but too bad! I want to say that I have used a paper bag, a plastic sack and other things to keep my yarn flowing smoothly but the dogs and cats loved those things for various reasons which really annoyed me. I bought two of these and they work great. If I spill anything near the yarn, it stays dry. So I thought $9.95 each, was well spent! I use them for all my projects including my crochet.


christine said...

Pretty cool cabling for someone who "claims" to be a beginner..........I think you're doing much better than you think you are!
You go, girl.....lap doxies always help with the knitting process.

vlb5757 said...

Christine, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the very first comment on my blog!! I couldn't knit without my doxie support team. I have finished one square and have a second one about 1/3 of the way done. Hopefully tomorrow it will be done.