Friday, July 28, 2006

The finished Product...well almost!
I finished the Lacey Green Jacket, but am not happy with two things and will be ripping one part out and re-doing another. I have never sown on buttons on a knitted piece and don't like the way the buttons line up.
So I will be ripping those out and trying again for a better line up. The second thing is...the second sleeve. I think I made it about an inch too long and didn't decrease as much as it said to. So I will rip that out and do the sleeve again so that it matches the first one better.

Even though I am going to do some ripping, I am still pretty pleased with the jacket and think that I will do a second one in the other color that I bought; yellow. I bought buttons for that one as well since I knew already about how large the button holes will be.

I have been smitten with lace work. I know this one is pretty simple and not lace weight yarn but it has whet my appetite for doing more, so much that I made am impulse purchase today while out scouting yarn shops for a pattern sheet that I saw on another knitter's blog. Actually I made two purchases but haven't gotten the patten for one yet so I will wait and show that later. It looked really simple so I thought I could do it.

I have already cast on and done 8 rows of this lace scarf. I can see already that I need more pointed needles for this. It's hard to see number one; and number two, it's hard to get the rounded points of the Addi's under the yarn to knit. Purling isn't as bad, but knitting it killer. I am finding that I have to go slowly because I am splitting the yarn. I loved the sample in the shop so I am hopeful mine will look as good as this one!


Wool Winder said...

You have some great projects going. Can't wait to see the lace scarf develop.

Laura said...

Which lace scarf pattern are you using? I need to get back to mine - I have two on the needles right now.

You have a great attitude about reknitting the 2nd sleeve of the green jacket. So many people would put it away and get up with frustration at that point. I'm looking forward to seeing the final results! :)

vlb5757 said...

WW-I got so frustrated with the lace scarf, I started yet another project, which is going swimmingly along. It's another baby sweater for my nephew for Christmas. It's in the small stages right now so I can take it on the plane with me for my trip this week. I hope I get lots of knitting time. Let's hope that I finish all my projects this year!

Laura-the lace pattern is from a local designer. She works part-time at a local shop and has only just started selling her own patterns recently. When I finish the scarf you are welcome to the pattern. It's a pretty simple straight forward pattern, but I am having a hard time finding the most perfect needles.

I want the jacket to be right and it really does look funny, too funny for me to give to anyone as a gift later down the road. So it really needs to be corrected. Let's see how long it takes me to get it reknitted! I wish I could find a baby to model it for me. I might have to ask a stranger!

Laura said...

I forgot to mention that if your Addi Turbos are too blunt for lace knitting, you might like to try the *very affordable* but very pointy Susan Bates Quicksilver circulars. They're a teflon coated aluminum (I believe) and I used them for knitting my Calliope shell. They have the sharpest points of any needles I have and seem to be easy to find at knitting shops (I've been to two shops recently and the both carried these needles). There's my two cents on the needle question. :)

vlb5757 said...

Laura-sadly I found out that the Addis are too blunt. It was driving me nuts. So I put down the lace until I get back from my trip and can find some better needles. Since I have never done a lace weight piece before , I had no idea which needles would be better suited. Thanks again for the brand name.