Monday, October 16, 2006

Contrasts in Color
I really have been very busy knitting every day that I can. I put off vacuuming, I am having a yard sale and haven't really looked at what's going out next weekend, need to clean 2 bathrooms, but knitting comes first. I even have challenged myself to do housework first and then knit as a reward for cleaning. Doesn't work, who are we kidding?? Only ourselves, so no more games. I just knit as the house falls down around me and frankly, I don't care. I think as you get older, you realize that time is ticking away and there are fun things still not yet done.

Since I am such a slow knitter, I only have so much to post. Today I actually have some pictures to post of what I have finished and what is in the works.

I have been working on my first "true" lace scarf It's been finished a while but I just haven't had time to get it up here. It was great for a beginner and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try their first lace item. It was my first time working with baby alpaca. It was soft and a little fuzzy, but so easy to knit with.
I took this picture with an orange pitcher to show the softness of the green.

The funny thing about the whole experience is that there is one glaring error from the first row 7 throughout the whole length of the scarf. Since I am a beginner I did not realize that I had been reading the directions incorrectly from beginning to the end. Since I met the woman who designed the scarf, I had her watch me and she pointed one thing and a huge light bulb came on. Since I had already made the error in the 7th row for 52 sets of repeats, I continued on. The person who will be getting this scarf will not know there's an error every 7th row. So I am okay with it. I am chalking it up to beginner's errors. The error was... not knitting one stitch after the YO. The row reads k2, YO, k6. I did k2, YO,k1, k6. I thought you had to do a knit stitch right after the YO. Wrong. So it turned out well. I only ended up with one stitch at the send that shouldn't have been there, and I made an ajustment every 7th row.

Since I learned from my mistake, this is take 2... I am knitting at least three or four more of the same pattern for friends. The yarn itself only cost me $6.49. How inexpensive of a gift is that? It's cute and really soft since it's Misty Alpaca? I still have a white and a pink to knit. I am not sure what I will knit after I finish this one but maybe it should be that baby sweater that I started a while ago that will be a baby present?


maureen said...

When you make a mistake that is no longer a mistake... it is a design element.


vlb5757 said...

That's funny, because that's what everyone else said when I told them about the mistake. I was okay with that and kept right on going until it was done. The second one will not have that same "design element". I am sure it will have new ones! lol!

amanda cathleen said...

mistake? design element sweetie ; ) Love the soft green!

Wool Winder said...

Great job with the scarf. I was confused about YO when I first tried it too. I think I did the same thing.

vlb5757 said...

If Linda (the designer of the scarf) hadn't sat down and watched me just do two stitches, I would have kept making the very same mistake on everything I did that said YO. So I am glad she pointed out my mistake. Now the scarves have turned out more constant in the pattern. I am working on the third scarf right now. Had to keep my hands busy during our Yard Sale yesterday.