Friday, October 06, 2006

Going Back in Time
This week I was lucky enough to go and sit/stand in the log cabin at the Virginia State Fair with Mary Scott from Serendipity Farm & Studio. I was ticked that Mary called and asked me if I would come and be with her at the cabin since I was going to the fair one day anyway. My hubby and I have never been even though we have lived here for 13 years. Shame on us! So I gladly accepted the two free passes and we went to Richmond for the day this past Tuesday. The weather couldn't have been nicer. Even though it was a bit hot to be dressed in three layers, there was a nice stiff wind blowing that helped to keep things cool.

I had never dressed in period dress before so, Mary was nice enough to dress me. I felt a bit foolish, but after a while I got used to it.
I am the person who is admiring Mary's masterful weaving. We are discussing the pattern name. Since I am not a weaver I am fasinated by the patterns she brought with her. This woman knows her stuff. She knows many, many weavers as well as spinners. She is the person who taught me to spin.

Mary's display had a Great Wheel, which I have seen but have never had the chance to spin on. It was a bit imtimidating but, it was fun after I got the hang of it. Thankfully, there are much easier wheels to spin these days. The Great Wheel is strictly arm powered. You spin the wheel with your right hand and have to keep it moving at a nice clip. Then the left hand holds the roving and while you are doing all of that, you need to move backwards to make the thread. It sounds really complicated but I got the hang of it and actually enjoyed it.

I was so excited to have Mary show me how to use it since a wheel like this is what started me wanting to spin over 20 years ago. When we were living in Upper Bucks County, PA, there was a yarn shop on one of the main streets. They had a Great Wheel in the shop window and I looked at that it everytime I went to Doylestown. I thought about how cool it would be to learn how to spin on one. I never went into the shop but have always remembered it. I ran into a lady recently who told me that the shop is now gone. It's too bad I couldn't tell the shop owner it's because of her I have always wanted to learn how to spin.


Wool Winder said...

How fun!

vlb5757 said...

I had a great time looking at all the looms and different woven patterns. While I have no desire to learn to weave, I have great respect for those who do. My first love is spinning. So spinning on the great wheel was such a treat.