Monday, December 25, 2006

Since Santa's presents come in different sizes I decided to try something new in smaller sizes. I just learned how to use dpns, but I am still pretty awkward with them. So as the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

I have wanted to send something here for this project for some time now but never thought I could make anything that small. Well here are two of my efforts so far. One was more pointy and the other was more rounded. I goofed somewhere, but I think they might still take my stuff. I was too late for Christmas '06, but I think I can make it for '07. I am excited to be a part of the efforts, and I hope my efforts get my better with time!

Thanks to Tracy from Wool Windings for the inspiration to create something I have never made before.


Anonymous said...

Those hats are great! It's always a good idea to get an early start on the Santa Hats. The Preemie Project needs lots of them and will take them anytime of the year. Thanks for helping out!

vlb5757 said...

I have four done and two need pom-poms. They aren't perfect, but I think they will get better the more I do them.

Susan said...

I think my Yahoo stopped seeing your posts. I clicked on your blog just to rag you about not posting often enough, and I found I had missed a couple.
Your hat adventures are cute. I am trying to knit the perfect hat, and am going through a lot of yarn in the process.
Missed you. I'm adding your blog to bloglines right now.

vlb5757 said...

Susan, I had no idea that Yahoo stopped seeing my posts. I don't know very much about that kind of stuff. I just knit and cook! Ha! I have been slowly getting things done but because I am so new, it takes me WAY longer than it does the other bloggers. I am on my last Santa hat. I will do the Pom-poms and then put them away to save up a box for Preemie Project. It might take me the rest of the year to fill that box but it will be fun filling it.

I have a ton of acrylic yarn that I was thinking about knitting up for the Caps for Kids program. It would make kids head warm, I would use up a lot of no so pretty yarn and I would master the hat. I bought three patterns for little kids hats so I think I am set.

Despite how often I don't post; don't forget me! I am slow but I still keep plugging along.