Monday, January 08, 2007

What A Nice Little Green Card Can Buy...
I was so excited to get a Barnes and Noble gift card this past Christmas. I just want to kiss the person who invented those wonderful gift giving tools. I have decided that I just can't dash out and buy things just to use that little card. Nope, there must be a purpose. After two visits, I finally found one.

Since I am a beginner knitter I don't have very many patterns or books. I signed up to take a beginner's sock class with dpns and I decided that I needed a sock book. There were about three or four and I finally narrowed it down to this one. I have no idea when I will use it, but I think I will eventually. It's got nice color pictures and since I can't seem to read directions, this is the perfect book for me. This is Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. There are great color pictures and directions both for the reader and visiual learner. There are pictures of different kinds of patterns you can do up the sock. So I am excited that I start my new sock class next week on the 16th. It lasts 4 weeks. I hope that means that I get a whole pair. I guess when you do one sock in class you go home that week and knit the other one so they are done at the same time.

So thanks to my Texas family members for a great gift. Beware. I am learning how to knit socks. Let's see how many days is it until Christmas????


Anonymous said...

Hi - I was so glad to see that you had been to visit Leigh's Fiber Journal - did you get a chance to see the "Rare Breeds Sweater" that she is knitting - it is so cool. And, I had forgotten about your knitting blog. The baby Christmas hats are so sweet. That is a neat project - I've made three more caps since I finished the ones for the Save the Children project - maybe I'll keep going with them and send some in to the Premie project.

I also liked your knitted lace scarves - how pretty.

Later - T.

Anonymous said...

I gave my daughter that same book for Christmas along with some sock yarn and needles. She's wanting to learn to knit socks too.

vlb5757 said...

Tina-I just stumbled on to her site by reading her comments on your site. I love her bunny logo. It's so simple and so cute. No, I didn't click on any of the projects; just scrolled through the photos of her weaving. I am not the least bit interested in learning how to weave, but loved looking at all the patterns.

The hats are a quick knit/crochet and I use them when I am between projects or sadly, I can't the current project I am working on at night. I am looking for a more powerful lamp that will look good in the livingroom. The eyes are the first thing that go!

The lace scaves are really easy. I am working on one right now that is more complicated. It's making me blind and nuts!

WW-Did she learn how to do the socks yet? I would love to see what she does. I loved the knitted socks that my hubby's grandmother knitted from years ago. Hub still have one pair left. They are so warm.

amanda cathleen said...

you are going to LOVE that book!!! Great choice girl : )