Monday, March 26, 2007

Fuzzy Wuzzy
I have seen these on two different blogs and I knew I had to make a pair of them. It's my second felting project and one of the few things that I have knitted that I have not taken a class to get them completed. I am still new enough that I feel like I need to see that someone else has done something and how it turned out. I also need someone to hold my hand. "Yes, that looks like you are heading in the right direction", "That yarn does felt and it's a good choice" or "Now look how that turned out".

So I bought
the leaflet and had Ruth and Lee from The Knitting Corner help me pick the yarn. They helped me figure the yardage and I was good to go. This all happened in Jan. I wanted to have them finished for Valentine's Day but I was in the throw of "Sock Love" and really didn't want to stop.

Here is the view of the clogs before felting. I used the apple as a point of reference so you can see how large the really get. I used that same apple in the "after" photo.

Here is the view before the washing/shrinking deed. I am always a wreck when I put something in the bag and throw it into the washing machine. I am doing what has always ruined my sweaters. Now I am getting a thrill doing it. What is wrong with me? Nothing...I just think that felting is so cool. When I first started knitting I had tunnel vision. I only wanted to learn to knit...period. Then I needed one of these and the sickness set in. It's sickness I don't desire a cure for. How often do you hear that??

This is the end result...a bit fuzzy but much smaller than when I started. Hubby says they fit. My son tried them on and said he felt like a cartoon character on TV with them on. So what does he know. I know HE'S not getting a pair!!


MeBeth said...

I LOVE making those felted clogs - I was actually excited when I wore through my first pair because I got to make another.

Wool Winder said...

Look like they turned out just right. You can trim away the fuzz if it bothers you.

vlb5757 said...

MeBeth-I loved yours and Yarn Harlot's and that totally convinced me to do them. I haven't made myself a pair but I have been eyeing some varigated yarn. I love the solid but saw the pair that Yarn Harlot made and thought I might try something like that. I tried on hubby's and they are really comfortable. How long did it take you to wear out the first pair? Someone suggested to me that I put some Puffy Paint on the bottom to keep them for being so slippery. I thought that was a great idea so I need to get some and give it a shot.

WW-I have already given the fuzzy beasts a shave and they look so much better. It wasn't much but just enough to make them look more spiffy. I do love the way they turned out.

Leigh said...

Ooo, I haven't had the nerve to try to knit something for felting. Yours came out very well. Maybe there's hope for me too.

vlb5757 said...

Leigh, are you kidding? You do such beautiful weaving; felting should be a walk in the park! It's like jumping on a ledge and finding out there's a nice mattress at the bottom. Very scary at first, but it all turns out well.

maureen said...

socks, slippers... do I see a trend?


vlb5757 said...

Yup! I hate having to wear shoes in the house so I did socks for me. Hubby wears socks every morning so I decided he needed some slippers instead. I want to make myself a pair but since it's warming up I might wait until it gets cold again. Who knows!