Sunday, October 07, 2007

Knit/Crochet Out 2007
I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Knit/Crochet Out Day at the Virginia Beach Farmer's Market. There was huge tent, lots of tables for vendors, beginner knitters, charity knitting and displays of proud knitting. The weather went from over cast and sticky to sunny and sticky, but it did not deter the determined knitters and crocheters, thankfully. I thought it was a good turn out although I think more would have come if they could have worn their efforts instead of having to lay them on a table because of the heat.

I went as a spectator but ended up sitting with Susan and Lee from The Knitting Corner. I did get a chance to wander around and snap a few pics. Here they are.

Here is something that I just love! It's a lamb purse that is felted. I saw it before it was felted and frankly, it looks wonderful either way. I think I would make this, but make it a pillow instead of a purse. I doubt seriously I would carry this, but it would make a nice child's gift either as the purse or a little pillow. So I am opting for the pillow.

This is an adorable Hedgehog that I have decided I have to make. I was lucky enough to win 7 skeins of some novelty yarn that would make a cute copy. I will post about my progress later when I have time to get it started. I did buy the yarn for the tummy and the pattern after leaving the Knit/Crochet Out. I only have one little nephew but who knows, I could become a grandmother and have to have a cute little something to use as a bribe!

I thought this was such a clever idea. Susan (the shop owner of The Knitting Corner) made this for one of her grandsons.

This was the table that The Knitting Corner dedicated to the project they are undertaking next Saturday and Sunday at the shop. The shop will supply the yarn (Encore) and some size 11 needles to knit shawls for breast cancer patients that are undergoing Chemo treatment. Along with the shawls, there will be patterns available to purchase to knit a square for an (there could be enough to do more than one) afghan to be raffled off. You have lots of time to get your patterns! So those of you who read this from another part of the world, give a quick peak at their site where more information will be available. I know that Lee and Sue have been hard at work creating patterns for everyone to purchase. I went both days last year to knit on the shawls but was too chicken to create at square. So I guess there must have been enough people like me that they are doing patterns for those of us who are a bit nervous about creating something from scratch. I am totally thrilled. Please order some patterns and send in your squares for such a worthy heart felt project!

This Cheryl (I have no idea how to spell her name correctly) and she knits some really great things. I met her in passing at The Knitting Corner and then at the Tidewater Knitting Guild. I love it when she brings her finished projects to show at the meetings. She brought something to model at the Knit/Crochet Out Day and I think it's my favorite thing that I have seen of her knitting.
This is a jacket that is a huge circle that is by Berraco. I totally admire this jacket and all the time it took to make it. Maybe some day I will take this on, but for now....socks.


Wool Winder said...

It must have been fun to see all the great projects. Thanks for sharing. I really love the flag quilt and the round shawl is gorgeous.

vlb5757 said...

It was a lot of fun. It's nice to see what other knitters are doing and to see what skill level they are. I love that Berraco jacket. I kid her about that jacket all the time. Cheryl told me that she was thinking of me when she was packing it up to bring to the market. That was really nice.

Luni said...

Yes, it does look like fun! I'm in such a rural area, there's no events like that around here. :(
But, I'm going to the alpaca farmer's fair this month!

vlb5757 said...

You are so lucky to live in a place where you have seasons, trees and fiber on the hoof. I am not well suited to the climate here or to the traffic, I need a vacation!