Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last week I caught some nasty bug from one of my co-workers whose gift has been giving for a week now. Thursday I started feeling a little under the weather and Friday it was a full blown disease with a high fever, an elephant taking up residence on my chest, a faucet in each of my nostrils (running on opposite blowing schedules) and a cough that could have sent a lung into orbit. Cripes what a feeling! I haven't been this sick in years and I have say, I didn't miss a thing about it.

While trying to fend off death by coughing, I hit a knitting slump. I had no desire to work on my socks or much of anything else. They sat idle for a few days and the guilt set in. I have been tyring to knit everyday since learning a few years ago, but when I got sick the desire just wasn't there. When my fever finally broke on Sunday, I picked up my socks and have them done to the toes. I just need to sew those up and they are done. Finishing a sock to me, is like finishing a good book. I don't want to because it's a let down. What's next?

First I have to feel inspired. I looked through some books, pamphlets, and flyers, but nothing. Why? I need some inspiration from some place. Maybe it's the fact that I am still sick and not up to full speed? My nose and cough are still in overdrive and I am tired. Being sick, takes a lot of energy. I will be glad when I can rest and knit.

So stay tuned there will be knitting soon again I hope.


Wool Winder said...

I go through spells like that with knitting too. Normally I knit nearly every day, but this week I only managed 12 rows on Clapotis. You'll get back into it when you feel better, which I hope is soon.

Romelda said...

too sick to knit! where have I heard that before?
took Megan to doctor who confirmed with a nasal swab test that she did indeed have the flu. John and I had flu shots so we did not go down as far as she did.
I have us in quarantine as I would nor give this to anyone. I'm afraid to hug the dog!

vlb5757 said...

I wrote this post when I was in the throws of the flu, but I am getting better everyday and I have been knitting and have more than three projects on the needles with more in the wings. I hadn't posted in a while an wanted to get something on the blog before everyone thought I dropped off the earth.
Ro-I think that it's wise that you don't venture out too soon so that you get better quicker. I hate that Megan got the flu but I know I didn't give it to her! lol! I sure hope that she feels better soon. We will miss you at TKC today (Thursday).