Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vacation Travels and Finds

Vacation Travels and Finds
(This contains one cool knitting thing but the rest is about all the places I went on vacation in Milwaukee besides the yarn shops)
The whole point of going away for nearly two weeks was to see my son and daughter-in-law. There they are! We had a whole day of shopping with the kids and my DIL suggested we go to a cute little place called Cedarburg, WI. There are tons of cute little shops and believe me we looked at a lot of them. We visited the Cedar Creek Winery and you know I can't go to a winery without making a purchase or three. We did the tasting and came away with three bottles of our own; Pinot Grigio, Cranberry Blush and a bottle of Settlement Gold.

Not only did we get three bottles of great wine but something really cute and very funny. Can you guess what these are? I had never seen these until our visit.

These are wine glass coasters. The green grapes are for the white wine and the dark ones are for the red wine. You just slip your glass right in the flip flops as if they were your feet.
Pretty clever! Don't you think? They were $5 a piece but so worth it if not for the "funny factor.
We drank the Pinot one night with some beer marinated grilled brats. They were totally yummy for two reasons. One, I didn't have to cook them and two the person who did cook them knew exactly what they were doing. That would be my DIL's older brother. They were awesome! Thank you D!

While we were in the same building as the winery we ventured upstairs to a little resale shop and I made the cutest purchase. This was a find of a life time.

I bought the cutest little spinning wheel lamp. Did anyone know there were spinning wheel lamps?? The price on the lamp was $12.95 but there was a 50% off sign on it and I got it for $6.50. Can you believe it? The little wheel actually turns and the pedal moves up and down. Too funny! I haven't decided where to put it yet, but I just had to have it! What spinner would pass this up??

Then there was the trip to Penzeys Spices. I love getting the catalogs and even better when I get to actually go to one of their stores. I have been to the Penzeys in Kansas City and now Milwaukee. I went nuts there too. It will all be used up sooner or later.
I tried to buy things that I have never bought before to give them a try without paying for shipping and handling.

I love Penzeys Hot Chocolate mix. With cold weather coming I think it was a good buy!

Since DH humored me and took me a for a whole day of a yarn crawl, I sucked it up and did something with him and the kids I never thought I would ever do...
Can you guess where I was??? Here are some more hints... still no? Okay one more??

Okay surely you have guess by now? The two older bikes were the precursor to what was to come to be a multi-million dollar business. The two newer looking bikes are history makers in their own time. They are the two bikes in this movie.

This bike belonged to the one and only...and they even had the original bill of sale with his signature on it. Very impressive to me. I dearly loved this singer as a teenager and well as millions of us did.

Why anyone would want to do this to a bike, was beyond me but they did and it wasn't too, horrible. The picture does not do it justice. It was so sparkly!

Okay, okay so we did the tourist thing and sat on the bikes in the bike room. It was our vacation after all! That's the longest I have ever sat on a motorcycle and will probably be the last time too!
Okay, that's enough about my vacation for now. Some other cool things happened while I was on vacation but that will be in yet another post. So your knitting vacations involve going to "guy" places to offset the "girl" places? Well, it only seemed fair!


Cheryl in VA said...

I love it!! All of it! The lamp, the bratts, the wine, the spices, and it was great of you to do a guy thing since he did the girl thing for you.
See You Soon, I hope

Ria said...

Looks like fun! I've used penzeys stuff, but I've never been in their stores.

I don't spin, but I would so buy that lamp!!

vlb5757 said...

Cheryl in VA-I had a ball but after all of that I was ready to come home and get some rest. I still have not decided where to put my lamp but it's the cutest little thing. It will have to be a special place for sure!

Ria-You should learn now to spin! It's been so much fun and so very relaxing. I just don't it as much as I want to. I am working part-time again for a while so there just isn't enough time to fit in everything I want to do! And I do love that lamp. Oh did I say that already??? lol!

Sharon said...

You don't look thrilled, but I have to admit - you were a good sport. I'm not sure I would have done it.

I do have wine coasters like that, a Christmas gift from friends who went to Hawaii. Ours are Hawaiian print and I used one just last night. What I don't have and would love is your lamp - great find and great price!

vlb5757 said...

I was okay with going but it's hard for a little short fat gal to stradle that motorcycle. I do love those little glass slippers. I just love how clever they are. The lamp has not be used and I am really not sure where I put it. It' uses a very low watt light bulb so it really can't be used for knitting or really seeing much of anything. That price was just good luck! I wish I could have bought a nice spinning wheel for that price!

Coco, not as in Chanel :) said...

I love the lamp, and you cannot beat that price! :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow! Look at you, Biker gal! *LOL* I love the spiining wheel lamp- that's too cute.

Anonymous said...

The lamp is just too cute! I couldn't have passed that up either.