Thursday, November 05, 2009

What Budget?

When my son said he was going to be in WI close to the time of Rhinebeck (NY Sheep and Wool Show) I just could not help myself! I asked DH if it was possible to combine the trip to WI along with a trip to NY. He said yes and I was thrilled beyond words. I have heard about Rhinebeck since the very moment I became a knitter. Maryland Sheep & Wool is much closer but I have dreamed about going to Rhinebeck too. I was so lucky to get there this year.

I am sorry that I didn't get a picture of the Rhinebeck banner but you can find that here. There are some really nice pictures on their site. They are every bit as wonderful as I saw in person.

I didn't have a budget but if I had it would have been blown for good. Here are some of the things that I purchased. My purchases have no rhyme or reason; just my desire to have them.

I get suckered in by the basket people every year. This past year at MS&W I resisted. They don't usually have the oblong baskets and I already have two round ones. This one was different. That's how I justify my purchase. Can you see how the rest of this post is going to go??
This little baby was a new find. It's a small basket from a different vendor. I love how small the basket is. It's perfect to store a small project in the works; socks maybe or a preemie hat in progress?

This purchase was a well thought out corrected regret from MS&W this year and last. I have admired Jennie's pottery bowls, mugs and the yarn bells but just didn't think I should have one. This time I decided I was going to get one. I like my yarn mostly in balls if it's not lace so, a ball from one of my projects will fit nicely in here. I love the green ball of yarn and the black sheep on the inside so it was a "must" purchase.

Found a small bag of red roving that just caught my eye and I snatched it up. It was just the right amount to make a wee skein to do some Fair Isle knitting. It's called Cranberry and there is 4 ounces. Not sure what sheep fiber it is but it will be fun to spin it nevertheless.
I have five brown fleeces to spin but need more color in my life so thought I would give this a chance. I do like flashes of pink even though it's not my favorite color. I was attracted to the orange and green. I am curious to see how well it spins up. It's 100% Merino and there is 8 ounces. I thought the price was very reasonable. I will keep you posted on how well it spins up.
There could not be a trip to a sheep and wool show without some handmade item. So for $5 I bought myself a pin. How cute is this felted sheep? There were so many to pick from. I think I got the best of the litter~
As if I didn't have enough spinning to do, this ball called out to me and I answered the call. Here is the tag that was on the end of the roving

I found these buttons at a booth and thought I could add them to my newest collection of snarky knitting buttons to wear on a hat that can be worn at sheep and wool shows.

If you ever have a chance to attend NY Sheep and Wool Show, you should go despite any rain, snow or the crowds. It was super cold and that brought out every one's knitted finery. It was impressive to see what others had knit. I love looking at the scarves, hats, gloves and sweaters that everyone made.

Rhinebeck is held at the Duchess County Fair Grounds and they put on an impressive show. Unlike MS&W they have paved paths almost everywhere you would want to walk. Many vendors are in several building that are listed by letters of the alphabet. It's easy to get around the fair grounds. The bathrooms are manned by attendants that keep the toilet paper and paper towels in good supply. Those ladies keep the line moving so the wait was not long at all. Most of the food vendors were in covered buildings as well as most of the fiber vendors. From my best judgement, it seemed like NY Sheep and Wool is much larger than MS&W show. The only draw back that I can see is that they charge a fee to get into the show. We bought two days tickets. I shopped mentally on Saturday and then made almost all my purchases on Sunday. Yes, I did stand a chance of not getting something I really wanted but since I didn't go with a list, I was good.

I had a great time and am planning on going back next year. I have been reading about hotel bookings and this time I am booking early so I get a place where other knitters stay. They get together at the hotel and I think that would be fun. Rhinebeck is a must if you are a fiber freak who wants to see, smell and experience the whole enchilada!


Sharon said...

Lucky lucky you. I would love to go to Rhinebeck, and at this point, I would love to go to any wool show. Lucky lucky you.

rohanknitter said...

How fun! You got lots of great goodies there, I love the yarn ball holder - her pottery is all so neat.

Ria said...

Great Purchases! I'm so glad I got to meet you in real life!!


vlb5757 said...

Sharon, maybe next year you can meet a bunch of us at Rhinebeck. It just makes your head spin. I really didn't to with a laundry list of "wants" but just to say I have been to Rhinebeck. I am still pleased with I got. I have been spinning and hopefully will be able to show it soon.

Rohanknitter-I am so glad you came by. Where have you been? I have missed seeing your posts about the farm. I love the bowl and I am so glad that Jennie's pottery was at the Rhinebek show. That will teach me not to buy something the first time I see it! I saw some other things that I liked so I am looking forward to the next year's MS&W. Post, please I miss your posts.

Ria-It was all my pleasure to meet you and MsBeasley too. I loved that you guys love the NASCAR stuff. So neat the things that bring us all together. I am looking forward to seeing you both at Rhinebeck and talking about our gardens this coming spring!

Anonymous said...

oooo love your baskets and fiber purchases! I wish I didn't miss you, but am happy to hear that your planning for next year already! We'll have to meet up :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Ugh... I am so jealous!!
PULEEEZE take me with you next year! *LOL*
I love all your beautiful yarns, but I have to admit- I love the buttons the best! I nearly fell on the floor laughing at the "if you don't behave" and the "walmart" ones! Those are TOO cute!

vlb5757 said...

Amandacathleen-we will keep in touch so that we can meet up. Are you going to MS&W? We might could meet up there and then again in Rhinebeck.

Sure you are welcome to meet us there and go. It's like a fiber overload when you get there. Your eyes are popping out of your head and you really don't know which way to go. It was totally overwhelming! I loved the button. There were a ton that were funny but those struck me first. I am going to make a hat and wear all my buttons on my hat. You are so welcome to come and share the day. Bring a limitless credit card!