Sunday, January 24, 2010

Treading Water

I thought I was going to hit my knitting stride in 2010 but it has not turned out that way. Between working and trying to purge my office, I have not done nearly the amount of knitting I had thought I would. I have been working on the same project as has been seen here many, many times in the past few years. I so love this pattern as is evident of how many times I have knit the Mary Scarf. Now I am just knitting now to knit down my stash.

I joined a group called 5K Stashdown because another Ravelry friend mentioned it. I thought it a bit silly but when I sat down for 2 1/2 hours and started an Excel sheet with my stash inventory; I was mortified. I always knew in the back of my mind that I had a lot yarn, but I didn't know I HAD a lot of yarn. I am up to item #98. That doesn't mean that I only have 98 skeins, but different kinds of yarns and colors. Some of the catergories I have listed have 7 skeins, so I have more than 98 skeins of yarn. Say what? No, it can't be. I have only been a knitter for five/six years and there is no way that I could have bought that much yarn. Really?

I have still yet to tackle my closet. I have bags in the closet that are for sweater knitting that I have yet to inventory. I am dreading that. It only reminds me that I have been overly free in my spending for my hobby. I used to laugh and have self righteous thoughts about those who had storage sheds with yarn in them. Not anymore.

So to help relieve myself of some of the "yarn burden," I have been knitting on several projects at once. One of the projects was for a co-worker who admired my fingerless mitts. I told her that if she bought me the yarn I would knit her a pair. So she did. She purchased one skein of Homespun yarn. I let it sit on the diningroom table for a while until I could get motivated to knit the mitts. When they were done, I was happy with them and I think she liked them too.

They do look rather plain but when they are one someone's hands they do look so much better. The pattern is rather simple which gives me courage to step up my design selection for the next pair.
I had to try them on before taking them to work. I don't think they look so bad. Homespun is rather bulky so they are very warm. I took them to work and then my co-worker modeled them for you.

Notice the chef's jacket. That is the co-worker at work trying on the gloves.

I used the same pattern for these that I used in the first pair I made over a year ago.
There are the palms. The whole pattern is basicly a ribbed pattern with a thumb hole, which I had never done until I knit my first pair, which I gave to another co-worker. Then there was so much left over yarn, that I knit her a hat.

I took the hat to work for her to put a button on. I sadly did not get a picture to show you the hat but she did promise to bring the hat back and model it so I can take her picture. Stay tuned for more


Anonymous said...

I look at my stash as my own personal yarn shop! Its kinda nice to be able to shop when ever I want :)
Very cute mitts! I bet your coworker was very happy with them

vlb5757 said...

I have a nice stash but it always seems that I can never find what I want when I see a nice project. So now I have to custom tailor everything I knit for this next year. I could not buy anymore yarn for the rest of this year and just knit socks and still have way too much yarn!

Sharon said...

Good on you for the destash - and good on you for sharing. I made a couple pairs of those warmers after I retired. They matter to office workers.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Ooooh- me likey! They look so soft!

vlb5757 said...

Farm Chick Paula-I wish I could take credit for the yarn selection by my co-worker did that all by herself. I think she picked the Homespun stuff just for the color and got lucky it was so soft. It was a bit tricky to work with but turned out well, thankfully.

erinkristi said...

Ya, I haven't found just the right pattern for my Homespun Red so I'm probably gifting it. That's one way to reduce stash ;)

vlb5757 said...

Don't gift it, save it for when you know you have found the perfect project. I have waited and I think I have found two projects for some of my homespun. Or you could just give it to me. lol!