Friday, January 15, 2010

Wrapping Up

I was thinking that I had another blog entry in the wings so I have been sitting here all fat, dumb and happy. I just checked and there is not another post. I could have sworn that I wrote one before the end of 2009 and it would be posted sometime this year so I could coast. No such luck. So here I am trying to come up with a post with last year's news. Does that really matter as long as it's a subject that brought others joy? Probably not. So I will wrap up what was wrapped up and given away.

I sent out my last package for my Santa Swap right before we left for our Christmas vacation. It had to be in the mail before Dec 16 and I did have it out before that to my partner who lives in Lawton, OK. Everything they say about mailing early is totally true. My box got there in three days. I was shocked and very pleased that my partner got her package so quickly. It's a good thing I did mail it early. She posted on the Ravelry site that my gifts were her only gifts under the tree because she was snowed in and was not able to be with her son and his family. I sure was glad that I mailed that box on time.

I tried my best to give her things that I thought she would enjoy. When I went to Rhinebeck back in October of last year, I was shopping for gifts for my friends and my swap partner. I know that my partner loves to make Tams and I tried my best not to come up with some more chunky weight yarn but my yarn was pretty fat. This is how it turned out below.

I know this is dark but the yarn is very dark too. It's a dark green with smatterings of orange, brown and shades of a lighter green. There was about 7 ounces all spun up. It was wonderful to spin and actually went very quickly.
I sent the tag with the yarn so that Laura would know what kind of yarn she would be dealing with. It was a blend. I was pleased at how well it turned out and I hope that Laura was too. Laura also received the red felted bowl. I purchased that roving from Rhinebeck too. I spun it and then made the bowl. I loved the bowl and gave some serious thought about keeping it for myself. Now I have to make another one!

I wanted to put in an ornament so I decided to sort of make one.

I took some of the yarn that I had spun and put it into the ball, some stitch markers, a stitch counter, and some point protectors. I bought some needles to put into the ball but they were too long to fit. The ball is plastic and can be opened in case of a fiber emergency; a knitter never knows.

Here is what the box looked like right before I packed it up.

There is the handspun, some Biscotti I baked, the little box that the ornament was in, the red handspun bowl and the left over yarn and a cute little felted sheep pin. I am never sure if it's enough. I hope that Laura enjoyed the box. I had fun playing the fiber hunter gatherer.

So here is what I got from Laura.

This is contents of the box I received minus a few things. You'll see in a minute what is missing.
There was a box to make some socks. The box has the yarn, instructions and includes the needles. Then there was a lovely gold shimmery gold tam. I have a model showing it off. She's doing such a lovely job that I took two shots of her and the Tam.

I also got a pillow sham with purple and yellow and then some single serve coffee bags from Starbucks And last but not least the things that are missing...
I would say the box was a success! I ate them all! I was happy to swap with Laura and hope that she had a lovely Christmas. I know I did. Thanks Laura.


Sharon said...

I participated in a swap, just once. I twas completely intimidated and swore them off after that. I think you did each other proud. Cool that you included your own handspun.

Wool Winder said...

Beautiful gifts given and received.

erinkristi said...

I agree with Sharon about being intimidated, and my one experience as a receiver was so-so, but you did good! If you'd been my swap partner I'd still be on it! I can't wait to see you tonight.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow! I don't know who got the better end of that swap- they're both pretty awesome! I love the ornament you made (in case of emergency) and your handspun is gorgeous.
However- I would have been thrilled with Laura's goodies, too... especially the chocolate ones! *snicker snort*

vlb5757 said...

Sharon, I have done two swaps and have been lucky both times. I am not going to swap this year because I met two very nice ladies via the swap and have decided I would rather swap with them instead of strangers. I know some of the things they like and I enjoy looking for them. One of the ladies got stiffed for two of the three swaps in the one group we belonged to. The awful thing was, the woman who a MOD who stiffed my friend. Shame on her! So I really do feel super lucky.

Wool Winder-I do love your pictures, but I do miss your knitting blog. Are you sure you won't change your mind?

Erinkristi-You just make me smile! It was super to see you this evening. I can't wait to spin with you. Like I said above, I got really lucky.

Farm Chick Paula-if I swapped with you I would have to have some baby chicks. I think when I can I am going to have to get some. The city won't let us now but someday when we leave here I am going to have to have some baby chicks. One of my co-workers had 14 and the city busted her. Before that the chefs in the office would buy fresh eggs from her. She moved her chickens to a friend's farm. Love the thought of chickens.

Tina T-P said...

Both what you sent and what you got were lovely thoughtful gifts - hope ;your new year is going well. T.

Primitive Rob said...

Hello! Just bloghopping. Great blog!

Happy blogging! :)

vlb5757 said...

Primitive Rob, thanks for stopping by. I am a plus sized woman so seeing a site devoted to plus size women's issues is wonderful!