Thursday, March 04, 2010

So what I don't sew...

I can still admire a great event that has come to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I have never gone before so thought since it was here in our area, a 20 minute drive would be well worth it. I was a bit put off by the $14 door fee, but after going I can it was well worth it. I dragged DH with me and he was as impressed as I was. Here is where we
went. I actually remembered to bring my camera because I knew there were going to be lots of Kodak moments (does anyone remember that old slogan besides me?).

Here is what I saw first. How could I not take this picture. After all, I am a spinner and it's like a moth to the flame...
I just couldn't help myself. It sure is a beauty!

I didn't get the name of the booth but I think it was a weaver's guild somewhere around here in the Hampton Roads area. Either way, it was more than picture worthy. Don't you think??

I took 32 pictures. Half of them are quilts and the other half is the maker's name and the name of the quilt. I think of these quilts as pieces of art and not just something you lay over a bed. They are to be hung and admired by as many eyes as possible; even by a non-sewer like myself. So feast your eyes on what I saw. They are so wonderful and I think the door fee was well worth it. There were rows and rows of beautiful things both large and small but the camera only could take so many pictures!
This got it's picture taken because I was attracted to the silk worm cocoons. I have some but have never done anything with them. Never thought about using them like this. Very creative. Here is the sheet that was next to the piece.
Picture #2 I liked this one because we see a lot of these birds in the waters in and around Hampton Roads. They are such graceful birds and very regal looking. Please take a closer look at all the pictures so you can really see the craftsmanship.

Picture #3

I especially love this for two reasons. I saw the picture first. I do love fall leaf pictures. My downstairs bathroom is covered in framed pictures of them. The second reason I loved this is because when I went to read about it I saw the maker was from Texas. I might live there but my Texas pride is always with me! I would love to have this quilt hanging in my house. It would be such an honor!
Picture #4

This one was so strange that I had to include it. It was so different and had such a cool factor it was a must.

Picture #5 I like this one for purely selfish reasons. I loved the curly hair. I had curly hair like that once when someone rolled my hair on perm rollers. When my mother saw me, I thought she was going to have a stroke. The next day our school pictures were taken and I still love that silly grin on my face with all those billions of curls.

Picture #6

This is looks so tedious to me that I can appreciate how much time this must have taken. It's all in beads. This was on a Beading Guild's table. I did not get the name of the artist. It was just so wonderful how delicate she looks even in beads. Picture #7 Sometimes I think I am like a rat or a ferret. I am totally attracted to shiny things. Quilter's Fancy provided me with a ferret moment. No, I did not buy anything. It was so tempting though.

Picture #8 This has to be the most stylish rat I have ever seen!

Picture #9

I think this quilt is one of my favorites. I love the difference between the two faces. It's just so reflective of youth vs. aging. Every wrinkle tells a story of some adventure, of some pain and some joy.

Picture #10 Again, I see these birds in our area and just love how odd they look. The fact they can fly with that huge beak fascinates me. They are odd looking and graceful at the same time.

Picture #11How can you not love this $1 bill? It's fabulous.

Picture #12 This is my husband's favorite of all the quilts we looked at. He said when we retire and build our log cabin we should build it where these are planted. I agree!

Picture #13 This one made me think of Alice in Wonderland. Could this have been what she saw when she looked up? Pretty impressive I think.

Picture#14 This one is my favorite. I have had cats for the last 30 years I have been married. This reminds me of the soulful look that so many our beloved cats have had. I have one 16 yr. cat and she is blind and deaf. This reminds me of her as a youthful kitty.

Is that a fierce and determined face or what?

I don't sew and I certainly don't quilt but I can sure admire someone else's talent. I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the quilts I found fascinating at the quilt show. I just might have to learn how to thread a needle...nah.


Ria said...

Great pics! And this weekend there is a show about 40 min from here - but I can't go 'cause I have stuff going on with my daughter... le sigh

vlb5757 said...

I am really sorry that you will not be able to see the same fabulous quilts that I got to see. They were great! I wish I could afford to own one. My favorite ones are the leaf and the cat's face.

Sharon said...

Quilts have become so sophisticated and artistic. It's mind boggling. The Gee Bend quilts are here and Ian and still haven't gotten in to see them. I hope next week!

KD said...

Love pics 4 and 10.