Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Day at the Farm

I have been lucky lately to be able to do some things on the weekends that are fiber related. In April I got to travel with my husband and met three other couples at a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) fiber farm. Juniper Moon Farm relocated from Martha's Vineyard to Palmyra, VA. I can't say I was heart broken that they moved closer to me from NY. I had wanted to travel to NY but knew that was out of the question for a while. So when they moved closer, that was my opportunity to do a farm visit. In April they did a spring shearing. It was like no other sheep shearing I have been to. The farm and the house where the hostess lives were open to everyone who came. I didn't take very many pictures because I was busy socializing but I did manage to get a few shots off.

Here is a shot where the ladies are waiting their turn to get their summer clip. There is one who is not like the others. Can you find him? Some of the ladies got sheared already and some have their babies with them.

Here is a shot with a mom and her twins. The hostess put matching ribbons on the moms and their babies so we could see who belonged to whom. Everyone was so cute.

Here is the woman who came to shear. I heard she has won awards for doing such a good job. The shearing took place in the barn and everyone found a good place to see everything that was going on.

Here another picture of the same animal. This was seemed very relaxed and really didn't put up much of a fight. It must know that summer is coming and this really is the best way to cool off.

Of all the animals on the farm I am most excited about meeting this guy below. His start in life was very hard and his twin didn't make it. This is Rushworth. He is the smallest lamb I have ever seen. I think the time we took this photo he weigh 5/6 pounds. He was so small he could walk underneath is mom to nurse. It was so much fun watching him huddle close to his mom when they laid down in the barn. How could anyone not all in love with little guy?

Watching Rushworth nurse was so cute. He just stands under mom and gets what he needs. Way too sweet. The day at Juniper Moon was really fun. There was a pot luck, items to be bought, fiber to be fondled and lots and lots of happy people, goats, sheep and dogs. The chickens looked a little concerned with so many people coming and going but when we all went to eat behind the house I think they got happier. If you have a chance to visit Juniper Moon Farm that would be great. If you don't then you can check out their forum on Ravelry. They even have a LambCam. It's outside in a little shed where you really get to see lots of sheep and goats. I did make a purchase while at the farm so I feel like the day was totally complete. I have not spun this up yet but hopefully it will be one of the next two things to be done. I will post what it looks like once it's done.


Ria said...

That seems like such fun!!!

Tina T-P said...

Looks like you had a very fun day - and fiber to be bought as well!

Our smallest lamb this year was 2 1/2 # The Shepherd had to bottle feed him at first and Wicket was not much bigger than the 20 oz. Aquafina bottle that he was using for the formula! He's all caught up to his sibs now though. T.

vlb5757 said...

Glad to hear that your wee ones caught with everyone else. We did have a great time. It was very interesting to see a working "fiber" farm. The lambs and kids were hopping everywhere and were just so cuddly looking!

Sharon said...

Aren't lambs astounding?! I was at Mim's just a couple hours after one was born and we just stood there and watched and stood and watched until we could stood no more. Shearing is astounding - can you imagine what their backs feel like afterward???

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow! What a fun day for you! I would have loved to have been there for the shearing... Lord knows I need a few pointers after the broken nose incident... *shudder*
Little Rushworth is adorable... it made me tear up because our Daisy had a rough start too.. butyou would never kknow it now! Hang in there little fella!