Friday, June 04, 2010

UFO Progress Report

UFO Progress Report

I have decided to try and stay on top of my UFO and be accountable for getting it done in a timely manner. How long that timely manner is...still remains to be seen. So I am headed down the road. This week I joined a swap that will add some more variety to my blanket. I joined a swap with some local women that I knit with on a regular basis. I am very excited to see what kin
ds of things they come up with that I can mix with my stuff that I already have.

The theme for this swap is Rainbow colors. This is my contribution. I purchased it from here. I purchased some Trekking XXL 311. I tried to find yarn that had most if not all the colors of the rainbow. After I purchased the yarn I came home and used one of my newest toys...a new scale. A yarn buddy let me buy it from her and it works great weighing my stuff. Of course it does grams and ounces. It's been getting a work out!
Since there are 20 people who are allowed to participate each person gets a 5 gram skein or ball. So the whole skein has to be weighed. It takes a while but look what the end results are... NOT enough balls! I only got 18 balls with the 19th ball being super small. See the little green one at the front of the picture? That was the left over yarn. I am not happy that I didn't get 20 balls out of it. I doubt that 20 people will sign up for the local swap so it might be okay but it still doesn't make me happy. So by June 22nd we (everyone) in the group should have different balls/skeins to add to the blankie.

Mine is not going as quickly as I thought it would because I had to take one out that didn't look right. Sure enough I ask our local blankie expert, Ashley and she said it wasn't in the right place and 2 seconds later it was frogged. I will re-knit it some time soon and hopefully thing will be back to normal and on a roll again.

Oh, and by the way. The yarn diet is offically over! I purchased four skeins of yarn today at the LYS because it was their birthday and I got 20% off.


Farm Chick Paula said...

*Sigh*... so much yarn, so little time...
(That's the way I feel about the THOUSANDS of sewing patterns I've bought off ebay- I think I need an intervention...)
Get busy with all those gorgeous colors- can't wait to see what you make!

Cheryl in VA said...

I kinda figured if you were going to KW's celebration there would be yarn buying. Hate to say it, but that (and the fact that I had to work) is why I didn't go. Since having the house full, I had to move the stash into my bedroom.... eeeeee - now I just keep looking at it EVERY TIME I GO UPSTAIRS. It definitely reinforces the fact that I shall not buy any more yarn for quite some time.... I hope ;)