Monday, June 14, 2010


I have many obsessions but this current one has been so much fun and is moving right along. I have read blog after blog about knitters/crocheters that hate doing the same pattern more than once or who have so many UFOs they will never finish them because they were boring. What is boring to one could be the most quieting project ever. This is one of those projects for me.

I have written about this newly found project a few times ago and I am still in love with how this project is unfolding one square at a time. I have been having so much fun with this. Who knew? I was knitting socks and then BAM, along comes the mitered square blankie. It's a free pattern on Ravelry. If you belong and you have scraps of yarn you are wanting to chuck, this could very well be the project for you!

My project started with the most humble of little squares and has grown quite nicely. Here is my first set of squares. The yarn in this picture is yarn that I got from swapping with some other local blankie makers. The one on your left looking at the screen is mine. Remember this post? Well that's the yarn knit up in a 2"X2" square. The top one with blue is from another swapper that dyes her own yarn. The last one is from yet another swapper and it's name is so cute. Yarntini. The colorway is called Mint Choclatini. Love the name!
I have some beauty shots of how much the blankie has grown. I have found it to be super easy. I have enjoyed how simple it is and I am comfortable with doing the same thing over and over. It's sort of like telling your kids to pick up their room, over and over and then one day...they have a clean room and you are surprised! So here is my "Everything but the kitchen sink" blankie as of today. It's hotter than ever outside so took the beauty shots outside in the backyard.

Here are pictures showing the different yarns that I have either been given or I have already made socks from. I don't have solid colors as of yet or really large squares but they might be down the road.

I even have a nice baggie of various balls that are going to get smaller and smaller as time goes by. I will do updates when I have something to show. I am about to swap with 11 other women so there will be new yarns to add to this.

Got the swap yarn this evening. I am very excited about all the different interpretations about rainbow colors. This is exciting to me. So onward we go into rainbow mitered square land. Whee!


erinkristi said...

Love your bag of balls ;)

vlb5757 said...

My balls are shrinking! I need some more new balls.

Sharon said...

One of the ladies in our guild is making a lap blanket doing that every thing. I gave her a baggie of my sock yarns ends. As far as I know, she's still going. I never get bored knitting, because I love to need and just am happy to have something to knit on.