Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Irish Ale Socks

I asked for opinions about which sock yarn to use in honor of St. Patrick's Day and almost everyone has said the Yarn Tattoo Celtic Green was the best choice of my green yarns. So today I cast on with the Celtic Green yarn. I did however have to change my pattern choice. A friend gifted me a pattern she thought would be a good fit for the yarn I have. It's called Irish Ale Socks. I wanted to use a different pattern, but when I sat down and read the pattern I realized that I don't have the correct yarn for the socks. Since I am on a yarn diet this year, I can not purchase the size I want. So instead of fiddling with gauge, I decided the Irish Ale Socks would be a perfect substitute.
This is the picture that shows the Irish Ale Socks. The top cuff is done in white and that is for the foam on the head of the beer. Since Ale is pretty dark the body of the sock was done in black. I don't really want to do the white foam or the black but will do the whole sock in the Celtic Green.
Here is a larger view of the bumpiness of the pattern. Below is a reddish version of the same socks. I think the Celtic Green will do just fine.
So the project has begun. Thanks to everyone who posted a comment. I was hoping some of the lurkers would come out but maybe another time.


Ria said...

Oh1 I have yarn and pattern for Oktoberfest socks- except I have to modify it for a shortie sock, so whitefoam head under the ankle and beer bubbles on the foot. I hope to get to it before october- will let you know.

Paula said...

A yarn diet? Oh honey, I would shrivel up if I had to go on a fabric diet. *LOL*
I think you made a wise choice in color~ that will be so pretty! Can't wait to see the finished project!

Keri said...

Those are going to be very pretty and I love the colour you picked.

Cheryl in AZ said...

I can't remember now if I posted my choice, but I know I decided that if you were going to knit for a Celtic holiday it may as well be Celtic Green.
They look like they are going to be nice socks. Very bumpy! btw - your socks are the next in line for blankie color.

vlb5757 said...

Keri-thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I know we both love socks!
Cheryl-Celtic Green has been cast on! I have half of one cuff done. Just getting started has gotten me all excited!
Paula-Being on a yarn diet isn't painful until I can't knit something I really want to knit because I am heavy into sock yarn and then don't have any worsted weight. So everything is about socks and fingering weight yarn.
Ria-I can't wait to see your socks. I might have to knit them in the fall if yours turn out well.

Sharon said...

I see you have a yarn bowl. I saw them advertised in my recent Vogue Knitting. What do you think? I too am on a yarn diet so don't know if purchasing a knitting bowl doesn't fall into the same vein.