Friday, July 08, 2011

Tour de Fleece
Every year that the Tour de France runs, Ravelry has a group that challenges themselves to do something every day the race is on. This year the YfB (Yarn for Breakfast) group I belong to decided to do a mini event. The challenge is to spin at least fifteen minutes a day for time the Tour de France.

Here is what was on the wheel. It's a wool, mohair and bamboo blend that I bought two years ago at a quilt show in Hampton, Virginia. I set it aside thinking I would be so excited about it I would be all over it: NOT. I started it and then for some reason wasn't happy with it and quit. Since I am limited on the amount of spools I have for the singles I spin, I had to get the stuff off of there. I figured I might as well finish it and be done with it.
Here is the finished product on the swift. It's not consistent spinning but there is one thing it is...FINISHED!
This is a close up of the yarn. I haven't weighed it yet nor have I figured out the wpi (wraps per inch) to see what size it is. At this point I am just glad it's done. Finding a project for it will be in the future.
I have seen other spinner's do this with a coin, so since I thought it looked cool, I did it for mine to. They put a coin under the singles or finished yarn to show how small the stuff is. Mine is not small but like I mentioned earlier, I am just glad it's done. I have more roving on the wheel right now and will blog about that stuff later. Without the Tour de Fleece challenge from my fellow spinners, that single spool would still be sitting upstairs for who knows how long.


Cheryl in AZ said...

Yay for you Vickie!! I like the color of it, although I can't speak for the feel of it from here. :P

I just keep spinning, not as thrilled with the results with some it, but I am trying to trust in the process. Keep on spinning, keep on spinning, spinning, spinning, keep on spinning. :)

Ria said...

Looks cool - along with smell-o-vision we need touch screens that let you touch & feel stuff! Me 0 desire to spin, have a few spindles because they look pretty in my needle vases, but that's it.

Paula said...

You need to make a spinning video for those of us who really want to know how! *wink*
By the way- got your email... thanks! I'll be looking for it.
Yours is on it's way too, but with our podunk post office it could be Christmas for you. (The pony express only comes through here about once a week... LOL)