Monday, April 22, 2013

All Strung Up

I am trying to spread my wire wings by trying things with wire that are not jewelry related.  I am not interested in knitting or crocheting with wire but this project was both useful and cute, not to mention totally free...which is a bonus these days. 

Since the website and all the link are in French, I decided to look at the picture and try to wing it. Winging it could go either way...just saying.

I cut four size 18 wire that was purchased from a boxed hardware store.  I bought it a while ago for jewelry making and it didn't work out so I shelved it.  I thought it might be perfect for this project.  I tried counting how many pieces of wire was used and I think I counted eight so I cut four pieces of 36" wire.

I noticed on the bottom of the basket that it was held together with just a small piece of wire so of course I went nuts.
I then measured three inches on either since of the bottom attachement, then bent them as best I could to a 90 degree angle to create the bottom of the basket.  That created a wirey greased pig. 
The other basket had a ring around the top so I used a Claussen pickle jar I had on the bench to hold quilling odds and ends.
This is the end result.  It's a bit wonky but it's on it's way.
 Then I took some left over wire after snipping off the bones of the basket and hooked two of them together.  The project might be free, but wasting the wire would just be silly. 
 Here is is the finished basket.  Not much to look at though.  Hard to photograph too!
 But when you give it what it needs, then it shines, for it has a purpose.
 TADA.  Now doesn't that make a difference?  I kind of thought so.
 Even though it looks wonky, it does sit just fine on a table (after I stomped my feet and twisted that wire into submission).
 Potting bench made from old deck boards with wonky cotton string holder.

Cotton string's new home near the workbench.  Project done!  Thank you French speaking person who posted it. 
Things I learned
1.  I am a doofus about Pinterest stuff.
2. Not reading instructions will eventually catch up with me and cause a lovely project to go horribly.
3.I usually over estimate my creative ability and the ability to complete the project match the picture. 
4.  It really doesn't matter about 1, 2 and 3 because I had a good time and the finished project is okay with me.


Paula Fraker said...

*bwahaha* You are too funny!
I found a site the other day called "Pinterest Fails" and it shows all the Pinterest disasters people have made. Cracked me up and at the same time made me feel not so bad about all my duds. *haha*
Check it out here:

vlb5757 said...

Paula, that is so funny. I am going to have to check that out to see if any of my "wanna be" projects are on that site. How horrible would that be?? lol! Thanks for the tip.

Geraldine Kiser said...

I love when you make stuff from Pinterest....but could you please post the link so we can see too?? And thanks a lot for making me want to make a wire basket. I needed another project you know!

vlb5757 said...

GK,I did post the link for what the wire basket was supposed to look like. It was in the first paragraph. Did it not come up when you tried it. I mentioned that the link was in French and all I got was a Picture, no instructions.

vlb5757 said... Here is the link that appeared on Pinterest. There were no instructions and sadly I thought I could do it myself without measurements so it's a very wonky wire basket.