Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Charmed Life

I have so many interests that it's a bit overwhelming when people ask me what I do.  I have tried to use more than one hobby to enhance another.  What I am about to post about is the perfect example of this.  I have been making jewelry, paper beads, paper bead jewelry, quilling and now learning the art of Zentangle.  I wanted to combine two of those hobbies together and I think I have figured out a way to do that with Zentangle and jewelry making.  These aren't officially "jewelry".  These are to suitcases, zippers and key chains as stitch markers are to knitting.  It's  jewelry for your stuff.  Don't understand?  Look below.

I am sorry these are turned this way.  I did change the photo to make them where you can see them but for some reason they reverted back.  I can't see to figure out how to change them.
I can't make something and not doing some knitting pictures.  I might be knitting much these days, but I still love to knit.

These are charms.  They were all hand drawn and painted by either watercolor, watercolor pencils or makers.  They are pretty small and each has a chain that you can attach them to a suitcase, a zipper or your key chain.  
This is what most of the backs look like.  They are covered in a metal that is able to go through a Cuddlebug.  I have painted them like in the video and then sanded them.  It just gives them some depth.

The chains to attach the charms are from Tim Holtz and can be purchased at AC Moore and Michael's.  I think that package ran me $4.99.  The charms package can be purchased at the same two stores.  They are different sizes and shapes.  There are forty of them in a package and cost $9.99.  I hate paying full price so I use my coupons to always get at least 40% off. I have nearly 100 of them done but still need more chains.  I will be selling them in the fall at the craft shows along with the jewelry and quilling I make.  They will run anywhere from $1.00-5.00.  I will not be posting them on Etsy because it's just not cost effective.  If you are interested in any of these, give me a shout and I will make arrangements with you to get where I learned to make them.  Mine are different from hers but the concept is still the same.  They would make cute little gift tags for Christmas gifts.  You could put someone's name on it and then they can attach it to their key ring later.
 They were super easy to make and they are so much fun.  If you are not art inclined then you can paste something on the charms instead of drawing something like I did.  You will have a great time doing these!

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