Friday, August 28, 2015

From Skinny to's a good thing!

I wasn't sure I was going to do this project.  Don't know exactly how it happened.  Woke up this morning (yes it really happened the day this post is being posted) at 5 am.  Not happy about it but I have learned to live with my inconsistent sleeping habits.  So I find something to do with my time between being awake and being awake with coffee.  This is the story of my morning today Aug. 28.

Once-upon-a-time there was a cute but very lonely little $1 spiral notebook from Dollar Tree.  
When it came to live with the crazy craft lady, there was a plan but the plan did not work.  So the lonely little sprial notebook sat on the craft table patiently waiting for something good to happen.

Then today, it happened.  In the wee hours of the morning, inspiration!  Oh joy!  Now the little notebook will be reborn.  Born into something beautiful and useful at the same time.  How is that possible?  The crazy craft lady had a plan.  A plan to be frugal and make something useful; and so it was.

 This is what the little notebook looked like before the inspiration.  It was useful but plain and way skinny.  Then the transformation began to take place.  Craft madness to insue!
Every page was made over with small pieces of Gelli plate art and little goodies the crazy craft lady was gifted from Pocket letter swaps.  So much stuff, so little space.  Now the little skinny notebook will become beautiful and useful.  Is this her way to fame??
Surely the world will see the plan was working.  The plan to take left over beautiful paper and create places to store beautiful things.
Every page was adorned with unique pieces of art that now instead of being discarded, will be displayed and admired.  Little pockets were filled with gifted and loved items the crazy craft lady wanted to keep.  They needed a place of honor until they would be given new life at a later time in another creation to be mailed to new people and new wonderful places.
The pockets of love were filled with paper banners, washi tape, tags, and die cuts.  All were loved and appreciated.
Some pockets even were embellished with items that were gifted to the crazy craft lady.  They were perfect and the love showed.
Every page of the skinny little dollar book began to fill up with mini works of yummy art.
Some pages are still evolving and have yet to be filled with gifted wonders, but it won't be long  little book.  It won't be long.
Textured paste goodness with tags and vintage cards for pockets in the future filled up the little spiral notebook.
And the little spiral notebook was open to the joys yet to come and got FAT.

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