Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Albert Album
The last post I talked about the skinny notebook.  Now I am going to introduce you to Albert.  The Albert Album was inspired by a YouTube Video by Lindsay Weirich The Frugal Crafter  I have given you the link to the exact video I learned this mini book from.  My book is basically a mini pocket pal goodie holder.  I had been taking things from the back of the pockets and throwing them into a drawer not really sure what to do with them.  So I had watched Lindsay's video and decided that was the perfect idea for two ideas I had swirling around in my head.  

 I needed a way to be nicer to the die cuts, paper paper clips, stickers, etc that my swap partners were enclosing in their pocket letters.  The second idea came from Cat Hand's YouTube video. from the other day.  Cat was using up scraps from her Gelli prints and mixed media art.  

A light bulb went off in my head.  I can kill two birds with one stone.  Thank you ladies!!  The first idea became the book to save my pocket letter goodies to a life of darkness languishing in a drawer.  The second idea was to use my scraps from my Gelli prints and incorporate them into my little mini book.  So here is what I came up with.  
This is my first mini mixed media album.  This is one of the Tim Holtz Crazy Bird Stamp set.  I am just in love with these little guys.  I named this guy Albert.  He is the first in what might be a series of albums with pocket letter mini die cuts and all kind of flattish goodies.  The glue bottom is just there for scale.  
Here is the inside of the cover and first page.  I used the scraps from my Gelli prints as pockets to hold my die cuts I have accumulated.  I have three old typewriter die cuts in the first pocket.
This is a strip of a stamped and Gelli printed piece of cardstock.  I had a long strip of it and cut it down to the size of the page.  Then I slipped in two camera stamped pieces of cardstock.  It was one long piece and I just cut it in half so they would fit into the pocket.
After I had just about finished the album I realized that if I wanted it to stay on the small size, I could not put stuff on both sides.  Most of the scrap paper pockets are on the right hand pages.  I wanted to do cute things on the left hand side that really didn't take up much space.  Someone gave me this paper page marker.  I did have thin strips of papers so decided they would make a great place to display the page markers and still not take up much room.  
Here is another page that has two of those paper page markers.  They were just too wonderful to leave in that dark drawer I had.  The other side is a pocket from left over paper.
I bought some really cute envelopes from Tuesday Morning but they were too large of a square to use in my pocket letters.  So I just cut the top off and have used it as a pocket.  
The left page I used up some die cuts that I had made from another project and just glued it in there.  Doesn't bulk up the book but still adds some interest.  The other side is a Gelli printed tag that I cut the top off of and laid it on it's side.  I might add something to the orange circles on there.  Don't know for sure yet.
Again the one side is left over Gelli pint paper used as a pocket.  The side with the bird sticker on it was just like orange one above it.  It was two die cuts glued together that I didn't use up.  This time I laid it on it's side and cut off 1/3 of it then glue that over the bottom 2/3rds.  It's a very shallow pocket but it will fit one die cut that is small.
These pages are from the same left over Gelli print papers.  Of course there is a pocket on the left side but the right side is a little different.  I had a super long skinny strip.  I wanted to stamp something and wanted to frame it to add interest.  So I cut the skinny strip length wise and the glued sections around the page to frame the stamp I used.  Used up that left over strip.  

I have twenty-three pages in the book.  All of them have a least one pocket and many have a skinny strip on the other side so that it can hold something flat.    I am really pleased that I was able to take two ideas from YouTube and combine them to make something useful and cute.  I know there will be more swaps so that means more die cuts and do-dads.  So stayed tuned down the road for the the B album.  

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