Friday, September 04, 2015

Book B

I haven't got a name for the second clip art book, but I am sure it will come to me over the vacation weekend.  I worked on it for a few hours last night and again today.  Thought I had better get it posted before I forget.  I don't have an outside cover or a bird for it yet, so all you are going to see are the insides. 

The  inside the front cover and first page.  I started out not over doing it but as I went on, I got a little crazy.

Second set of pages.  There is a old world map behind the little pocket.  It's from a new to me set from Lost Coast Designs.  I first was introduced to them by The Frugal Crafter .  The link I put on above is Lindsay's blog.  

This set of pages is made from paper that I made over a month ago.  It's on very inexpensive water color paper that was purchased in the bargain bins at Jo Ann's.  The paper was in a pad of about 15 sheets.  I paid $1 a pad.  I think if I remember correctly I got either ten or twelve of the pads.  I cleaned them out.  They are great for doing watercolor backrounds for card making.  

I cut a 3X3 square of the paper for one side and then the other side was the left over paper.  I fussy cut those little flowers out.  I hated to waste them.  I am not a blue person but I actually really like those.  I stamped the word Spring, which did not go so well, but since this is just for me, it can stay.  Even trying to go around everything with a colored marker and then a black mark, didn't improve the look.  The pocket on the other side is just some left over cardstock with some random stamp on it.

 This set of pages is made from my attempt at circles as I saw on a Shannon Green video.  Mine didn't turn out as hers did, but I had fun doing them.  I think I did about five or ten pages trying to get them to kind of look like Shannon's, but no luck.  Still, I like them just fine.  The top of page is stamped with another random design element stamp and then colored in the magic markers.  After I got done coloring, I realized that none of the colors I used had anything to do with the paper down below.  I like it anyway.
Again, more attempts at circles.
 These circles were not done with the same thing in mind as above.  I was using up some left over red ink and stamped on a piece of paper that happened to be on the desk.  I draw black Posca pen around them so they would show up.  

I had to use another Crazy Bird from Tim Holtz.  This one is done on typing paper and then painted.  I named him Horis but misspelled it.  I am going to go back and put a name plate over the misspelled name.  Smacks forehead.  The other page is from a shopping bag.  I bought something and they put it in a large white shopping bag.  I came home, cut it up, and then Gelli printed on it.  I took a set of grouped leaves and stamped on the paper three times, colored them in and then accented with some black pen.  I wanted the bottom part to look like a planter so I cut strips of leftover brown card stock and glued them on top of the stamps.  Then I took a black Posca pen and made bricks.  It has some depth and texture.
  This is another one of the birds from the Crazy Bird set.  Her name is Pasha.  Don't ask me why.  I have no earthly idea where that name came from.  I did the same thing to this page that I did to the other; Gelli print, stamped leaves, drew on them and then put the pocket over them.  
This post have gotten a bit long so I will stop here.  I will do a part two in a few days.  There are lots more pictures.  Hopefully I will have time between then and now to come up with a cover I like for the book.  Have a fun and safe Labor Day everyone!

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