Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How I Spend One Friday a Month
I am lucky enough to have some place to go one Friday a month where I can talk about fiber, spinning, knitting and sheep. I learned to spin out at Serendipity Farm & Studio. Mary Scott was really patient with me and my head was always on information overload when I left from a lesson. Thank goodness that Mary knows this happens and insisted that I bring a notebook and a pen to jot down notes. It came in handy when I washed my very first fleeces!

Once a month Mary invites a small group of spinners, knitters and weaving nuts to come and sit around. Here is Mary hamming it up because she was showing us a huge new batch of fibers she just got in.
She will be at the Maryland Sheep & Wool. We were lucky enough to get first crack at her stash! I have never seen so many wonderful combination of colors and fibers. Mary was so nice to let us see and spend! She might not have had enough fiber to take to MS& W except I am on a credit card diet and had to be conservative with my spending. I know Mary was disappointed!

Meet Patricia. It's my first time to meet her myself. She is in the process of moving back to the west coast and stopped in at Mary's to stock up on fiber. She was nice enough to help me with my sweater where I had dropped a stitch. She did a nice repair job and even better she was a great listener! I hope she has a great trip to the west coast!

This is Cathryn talking to Mary about the picture of her dog on her cell phone. Cathryn and I met at the Southeastern Virginia Spinning Guild and I see her at my favorite yarn shop The Knitting Corner and then out at Mary's shop. Cathryn is the President of our spinning guild. And of course no shop would be complete without the proverbal "shop cat". Here is Shorty, happy to be sitting on a full fleece which he is not usually allowed to do. I know he was thrilled that Mary was distracted by all of us clammering over the roving! Yes, I did break out the credit card and buy some. I will show them later.


amanda cathleen said...

I can not stop looking at all that beeeaaauuutiful fiber!! WoW!! : D

Wool Winder said...

Do you have your own spinning wheel?

vlb5757 said...

Amanda, wait until you see the next post!!

Wool Winder-Yup, I have had the wheel a few months. I will post pictures of it with the roving that I bought.

Thank you both for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's nice to know that now every hit I get on my little site is a lurker!