Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Slow and Steady wins the race or a Sweater...
I am sorry that I have not been better at keeping up this past week. I have been trying to keep the food blog going and adjusting to a new part-time job. I have a lot of irons in the fire right now and am getting ready to go to MS&W show. I am so excited I can't sleep at night.

I wanted to show my progress on the first sweater but let's face it, I am not Wendy Johnson when it comes to sweaters or knitting speed. I am however a great consumer! Wendy's book just came out and I got in the car to go across town at $2.97 a gallon to Border's books and purchase her very first book.

I have had a busy morning and have not had to chance to read more than 2 pages, but I will get to it. I can't wait to see if any of the patterns are easy enough for me to knit as a beginner. Please don't E mail me the ending! I am not one who asks or reads the end of the book first.

Okay now, Wendy should look away right now if she is passing through and reads this blog (fat chance that's going to happen-she doesn't have time!). I made another purchaseI have the another one of Yarn Harlot's books and I haven't finished it but I am just about there.

I read about a chapter a day when I am stirring a pot for dinner. I can't read in bed because that's like a glass of warm milk for me...not good.
Plus if I am reading I am not working on my sweater for my class. I got next to no knitting yesterday. Work and son got in the way. They really need to know their time and place and it's not while I am knitting!!!!

I have been plugging away on the sweater. See how huge it is? Freaks me right out. I guess it looks huge to me because it's the back and the most of the front of the sweater. I am now working on the right front mock cable yoke. Then it's the left and then the sleeves. We are not following the pattern's button hole directions. So I will learn about pattern adjustments here pretty quick. I still have to pick buttons...I have no idea what to get.

Here is a close up of the mock cable. I love cables but I am not sure about this method, but it's all a learning experience. Here is the book with a picture of what the slow and steady sweater should look like when it's done...hopefully!


Amanda Cathleen said...

Can't wait to see how your sweater turns out! ; D

Wool Winder said...

I think the sweater looks great! I just made a preemie hat with mock cables. They aren't the same a cables, but I love them.

christine said...

I'll say it once again: You are NOT a beginner. Good job on the sweater!