Thursday, April 13, 2006

Raw Fleece and Roving
I got some comments on my last entry and I wanted to hurry and address those comments. First of all I am thrilled that anyone reads this since I am so new at knitting and I don't usually do more than one project at a time. So progress pictures aren't common because it takes me so long! So here is the FREE raw fleece that I got from a fellow spinner, Debbie. I just love how this stuff was so dirty and then when washed was a totally different color! Really was cool to see the difference.

Here is some of the roving that I bought at Mary's last Friday night. It's called Pumpkin and it's 100% Merino. I have never spun this kind of stuff before but I am going to try this weekend. I have come to a point in my sweater where we are going to decrease for the armholes and I have to wait until class on Tuesday to do that. So spinning it is. I have no idea who many hours this will take but once I get the hang of it, I get better and better.

This roving is also 100% Merino and it's called Snap Dragon (like the flower). I can't wait to spin this and see how all the colors entwine together to make a unique yarn. I have no earthly idea what I will do with the stuff but I know it will look lovely whatever it is.

Here is a (dark) picture of my wheel. It's
Lendrum. I love it and I bought it from Mary Scott at Serendipity. I have some brown yarn on the wheel.
Here are some hanks that are done. I get carried away when I ply and these babies weigh a lot. I weighed them, put the name of the sheep on the tag, the yardage and the date it was spun so that I would know which roving it started out as.


Leslie said...

I like your choice of colors, and those skeins do not look like a beginner's. Love your dining room chairs too!

amanda cathleen said...

oooOoOoo, I can't wait to see what snapdragon turns into either! The skeins that you've already made, very, very nice! : )

vlb5757 said...

Leslie, I am a more warm color person but thought I needed to live more dangerously and try something new! I think I got the orange roving name incorrect. It's called Cider but I was thinking it looked more like pumpkin or the inside of a Butternut squash. It's a great color no matter what the name! Thanks about the skeins. Mary said I should enter them in the fair in Sept. I am seriously considering it.

Dining room chairs-I have had them almost 20 years and they are showing signs of time. That oak set was all the rage back then and I got sucked in. I was thinking about selling the set and buying something smaller since it's just the two of us now.

Amanda C-I am spinning the Snap Dragon right now and hopefully will finish it this weekend. I am not so sure how I feel about the way it looks on the bobbin right now. Time will tell.

Wool Winder said...

What a pretty wheel! Are you making your sweater from yarn that you spun yourself? I think that would be so cool.

vlb5757 said...

Leslie, sadly I am not. I am using Encore for the sweater. I am not really confident enough yet to knit with my spun stuff but very soon!