Monday, June 05, 2006

Mock me!
I have been working on and off on the Mock Cable Sweater for about 6 weeks. Last week on Tuesday night we had our last class. Jackie (the instructor) called me and said the air conditioner at the shop was broken and we would be having class at her house. So I packed up my shameful excuse of a sweater and traveled to her house.

This is my first sweater and at the rate I am NOT going it will be fall before it gets done. I was supposed to have both sleeves done and be ready to do the button band at Jackie's house but as you can see from this...

...that I am not nearly as far along as I should be. I have no collar, half of one sleeve,
3/4 of the right yoke done and no button band. I haven't even picked the buttons I want either. There are two sets of Addi Turbos tangled up in this whole thing. I am about to go on a trip (plane) and have horrors dancing in my head of them stopping me and telling me I can't take my sweater on the plane. WHAT? Can you see some inraged middle aged knitter breaking down and crying about having to leave $30's worth of Addi Turbos and 6 weeks of hour upon hour of knitting, not to mention the time spent picking out screwed up rows?

I have to say though, I do like the way the mock cable has turned out. If I ever finish this sweater, I might make another one in a different color, maybe a solid one.


Susan said...

What I typed in your blog: Your sweater looks good. I'm sure you learned a lot already and will learn more by the time it's finished.
What I was thinking: Good Gravy! Who in their right mind would expect to be able to whip out a perfect sweater just a few months after they learned to knit?

vlb5757 said...

LOL! Everyone else I know said the same thing. I learned Thanksgiving weekend of '05. I had three goals in mind. One was to learn to do a sweater. Two was to learn how to knit socks (which I am doing tonight) and number three was to learn how to make a hat. So I am on goal number two and I think three will happen in the fall. I have crocheted all my life but have always wanted to learn how to knit. I think after I achieve the other three goals I will set out to do lace.
Thanks for coming by!

Wool Winder said...

Keep at it. It will be finished eventually. It's too hot for a sweater right now anyway. I really like the way it's turning out.

amanda cathleen said...

Its coming along nicely! Hey, take your time sweater weather isn't for what, another 4 maybe 5 months?? Love the color by the way!! : )