Saturday, September 30, 2006

Heading Them Off at the Pass
I knew about wool moths many years ago when I had a lovely felted handmade scarf from Iceland turn out like swiss cheese after being stored away one summer. My hubby was in Iceland in the 80s and brought me the gray and white scarf as a surprise present. The last laugh was the moth's who saw this as a summer buffet tucked in a drawer under the water bed. I couldn't figure out why it had holes and then someone told me about wool moths. Really, for me, they were an urban legend. Now they are the dreaded enemy.

I have five fleeces in various stages of dirty, cleaned but not picked, picked and stored away. When I was at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Show this past May, I picked up some herbal cedar chip stuff that is supposed to keep away those dreaded wool moths. I didn't buy enough to put in every drawer. A member at the spinning guild told me to buy those cedar chips they use in Hamster tanks and they spray it with cedar spray and store in a muslin bag of some sort. I did buy the chips but honestly I destest sewing so have made no effort to make the bags. Another person said to head off to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy what I need there. I did do that but sadly I think I will still have to sew down the road. I found this pack to thwart off sewing.

You get a combination of four bags and the a ton of rectangular blocks and then rounds with a hole in them. I love the round ones for my closet where I have some wool things stored as well as a wool suit that belongs to my husband.

Here is how I store my fleece.
The blocks came in handy. Whatever I didn't use was sealed up in a zip top bag and stored in the closet also. The total investment in the Value Pack was $14.99. To me, it was worth it to not have to sew and not lose any of my wool booth in fleece form as well as yarns.


amanda cathleen said...

get them little buggers ; )

Wool Winder said...

I haven't had any trouble with moths yet. Keep most of my wool in a cabinet with a couple of sachets. Hope that's enough. I think I'll buy some cedar blocks just in case.

vlb5757 said...

I haven't had any problems either but what a nightmare that would be to start having them. I am so afraid of losing my wool after all the hard work that went into spinning it, not to mention what I paid for it!!