Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Too Pooped to Party

Mom says hello but really she is just too pooped from her new job to do much posting about what she is knitting. She has been trying to finish a gift for a friend that she says she is over but I have a feeling she will use that pattern again another time since it's pretty simple. So mom sends her love and I am are watching her every move as she sits at the computer working on lesson plans for her new teaching job. Hopefully she will have a break soon. I know she would like to show you her latest finished project and give me a cookie too. Any hoo, I have to stand (lay) guard in case she needs us.

Love, Charlie


Wool Winder said...

Tell you mom I said hello. Make sure she takes plenty of knitting breaks. It's good for her.

Romelda said...

Charlie, You have my sympathy. My Daddy leaves almost every morning to bike and my Mommy just sits and knits, no walkies, no ball throwing, nothing.
It is hard to guard while lying down, but hey, somedog has to do it! Best wishes, Liebe

kemtee said...

Charlie, you've earned a nice cookie or two for standing in for your mom. Enjoy it.

Tina T-P said...

Charlie - looks to me like you are working hard to guard your mom's bed :-) Hope her classes are going well. Give her a big snuggle and tell her not to work so hard... it's summer! T.

Leslie said...

Great portrait. Appearing to be unconscious, but certainly totally alert.