Saturday, July 21, 2007


I have been struggling for the past few weeks, well...maybe a month now to post on my blog. I have been knitting gifts for friends that I will be seeing in Philly in early August. I am getting down to the wire and I am trying my darnest to get the last one done. I have knit this same pattern at least 6 or 7 times now and frankly, I am over it. I love the pattern; please don't misunderstand me. I just need to move on to something else. That's why there hasn't been any pictures of what I have been knitting on lately. I could post pictures but they would look like
this I just haven't felt the need to post.

During all of this anxiety about getting these gifts done, I added one more part-time job to my schedule and am one class away from finishing another project. I want to post the pictures but will save that for after I have done the last class and have blocked it so it looks much nicer. So please hang in there with me while I try to juggle all the balls at once! I know you all know what it's like.


amanda cathleen said...

if anyone can do it chicka, you can!
can't wait to see the finished scarf, hmmm... wonder what color its going to be. Don't worry, I can wait till your done with it : )

romelda said...

yarn harlot in virginia in september!!
I am going!!

vlb5757 said...

Well there has been a hiccup in my plans to finish my last scarf class. A friend has passed away and we will be going to the funeral and I will miss my class. Being there for my friend is more important than my class so the scarf will not be done for a least another week.

I would love to see Yarn Harlot in September but we shall see. That would be some kind of a event!